Energy bills: How to switch

1 - Go to a comparison website.,,, and are all among the comparison sites approved by Consumer Focus.

2 - Most will ask you to enter your postcode, the name of your current supplier and details of your energy usage, which can be found on your most recent bill or your annual statement. You may be asked various questions about how you pay and how much you use.

3 - Detail your preferred plan and payment type i.e. paper bill or online; dual fuel or separate.

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4 - Select your preference from the list of options provided, which usually includes the approximate saving to be made by moving, based on your typical usage.

5 - Once you've selected your preferred supplier, the comparison site typically asks for a few more basic details and then walks you through the online application.

6 - Once the site has sent your application to the new supplier, which will inform the incumbent of the switch, the change will take place after the final bill has been settled and any direct debits cancelled. The whole process normally takes a month to six weeks.

You can also switch by phone. Most switching websites have phone services that allow you to undertake a similar process. All you need is a recent bill or the annual statement from your supplier and they will do the rest. They will tell you what's available and the savings you can make and then manage the rest of the switching process for you.