Energy bills: The energy adviser's story

Money Advice Scotland and Citizens Advice Scotland have been training their advisers to help consumers get the best energy deal. This is what one adviser, David Miller from South Lanarkshire Council, had to say after his training session.

"The biggest thing for me was running through the online transfer process, comparing tariffs and suppliers and learning how streamlined the transfer process has become.

"It was very straightforward to compare tariffs and the pros and cons of different suppliers, with the pounds and pence comparison provided.

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"The problem is that people still stay with their incumbent supplier and never look at what they pay, or ever think about it as a choice. But the choices are getting easier to make and many people could make savings of 30 or 40 a month.

"For those in debt this money can open up different financial options.

"And it's as simple as spending a few minutes on a website comparing what you have with other tariffs and seeing what you can save."