Edinburgh beating Dusseldorf in Twitter poll after bizarre flight path error

It was a situation which baffled many around the world, let alone the passengers on board the British Airways plane.

Yesterday a British Airways passenger jet due to fly from London to Dusseldorf landed in Edinburgh by mistake after the incorrect flight plan was given to its pilots.

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British Airways plane mistakenly lands in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf

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Passengers apparently only realised the error when the plane landed and the “welcome to Edinburgh” announcement was made.

The plane landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf on Monday. Pic: f11 photo/Shutterstock

The BA3271 flight was operated by German firm WDL Aviation - which was responsible for the aircraft and cabin crew - on behalf of BA as part of a leasing deal.

WDL said it is investigating how the “obviously unfortunate mix-up of flight scheduled could occur.”

It is understood one possibility is that on its final flight on Sunday, the plane had flown to Edinburgh and back and so the same flight plan was repeated again on Monday morning.

The mystery continues. But in the meantime, the official Dusseldorf tourist board has decided to put a positive spin on the bizarre situation.

Visit Dusseldorf launched a twitter poll asking: “Where do you wanna go? #BA3271” with the two options of Edinburgh or Dusseldorf.

But perhaps the poll has slightly backfired, with 79% of nearly 1,600 votes cast for Edinburgh and 21% for Dusseldorf as it stands.

Visit Dusseldorf, along with Edinburgh’s official guide to the city This is Edinburgh, have been posting stunning pictures of both cities on the thread and saying that it’s too hard to choose between the cities.

Other twitter users have also been commenting on the poll.

One, @ArtistOfKouroo, said: “Didn’t count on that majority did ya?”

Visit Dusseldorf replied: “Twitter is not that big in Germany and Edinburgh is wonderful - we all watched Trainspotting 2”

Another, @Phil201312, wrote: “I did Edinburgh to Dusseldorf by train last year was a great trip.”

@JimJamGin wrote: “Both!”

@anniedotal said: “I live in Edinburgh and it’s great but I would like to say that Dusselforf has way better food and drink. Like, way better.”

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