Diploma to take the heat out of corporate crises

A CONSULTANCY founded by two of Scotland’s most experienced emergency services chiefs is pushing the button on a new diploma aimed at taking the heat out of corporate ­crises.

FIOR directors Tommy Mann, Carol Holden and Joe Holden. Picture: Wullie Marr
FIOR directors Tommy Mann, Carol Holden and Joe Holden. Picture: Wullie Marr

Stirling-based FIOR is headed by former fire and rescue service director Tommy Mann and Joe Holden, who retired as a chief superintendant with the former Central Scotland police force in 2005. Their company specialises in training managers to handle unexpected emergencies and critical situations that could threaten an organisation’s survival or tarnish its reputation.

The launch of the diploma of “integrated emergency management” is thought to be a first for the UK and follows a pilot last year which saw eight students drawn from the public and private sectors graduate with their qualifications. The training programme is fully recognised by Stirling University and will provide 22 weeks of tuition.

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Holden, who during his police career held lead roles in the response and investigation of the Dunblane shooting and the policing of the G8 summit in Gleneagles, said the scheme was being led by experts in the field who were able to combine “trade craft” with theory.

“Our team have gathered rare and unique experiences of leading, planning and responding to a vast array of professional challenges,” he said. “This experience means we are able to provide companies and organisations with realistic and tested tools, training and guidance to help their people to control the inevitable crises that will occur and prevent a potential disaster in regards to people safety, reputation and business continuity.

“We ask companies if their business could survive if it was involved in a repeat of the horsemeat scandal or what disaster recovery measures it has in place should another Clutha helicopter tragedy happen?”

FIOR – Gaelic for true, strong and real – said it had grown to cope with a surge in demand for its specialist services, which also include fire safety, security planning and training. Carol Holden joined the firm as director of finance and administration last year.