Crowdfunding bid to fund production of booster seat suitcase

A company that has created a children's car booster seat that converts into a rolling suitcase has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the last stages of safety testing and an initial manufacturing run.

CarGo, a 12-litre capacity childrens suitcase that folds into a booster seat, is up for crowdfunding via Indiegogo

The idea came about when Gary Burns, chief executive of CarGo Seat, was on holiday and hired a car plus two booster seats for his children.

But on finding the seats to be dirty and dented, and amid concerns about their safety as well as the €70 charge, he thought he could create something better. The result of his efforts was a 12-litre capacity children’s suitcase that folds into a booster seat.

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After three years of development and work with UK and US safety-testing organisations, a final design has been developed and is now ready for the last safety tests before global distribution. The product recently passed testing in the US and hopes to be approved for use in Europe soon, with talks with global distribution and retail partners under way.

All production of test and prototype CarGo Seats has been done by Borders-based Mainetti, and the seat cover is manufactured by Beal Group in Glasgow.

Burns, who has also won a grant from Scottish Edge and operates the firm from Coalburn, South Lanarkshire, said the crowdfunding on Indiegogo allows people to pre-order the seats at a discounted price.