Jerome Booth backing management buyout at Icon

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CITY tycoon Jerome Booth yesterday backed a management buyout at Icon Film Distribution in the latest of a string of deals since he retired as head of research at investment outfit Ashmore Group in May.

Booth, who bought telecoms outfit New Call in July, completed the Icon deal through his New Sparta investment vehicle.

Icon’s films include Ryan Gosling’s Drive, You’re Next and the forthcoming Postman Pat: The Movie starring Rupert Grint, Stephen Mangan and David Tennant. The firm’s back catalogue features Ae Fond Kiss, Romance & Cigarettes – starring Kate Winslett, pictured – and West Is West.

Booth has backed chief executive Ian Dawson and executive chairman Norman Humphrey, who will sit with him on Icon’s board.

Dawson said: “We will re-establish Icon as a truly independent UK film company with a talented, passionate team working with film makers to bring quality, distinctive material to UK audiences. Dr Booth is demonstrating a real commitment to the UK film industry and this makes him the ideal partner.”