Filmmaker Twig will branch out into Brazil

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A SPECIALIST producer of educational films has continued its global expansion by signing a multi-million pound deal to provide content to hundreds of thousands of pupils in Brazil.

Glasgow-based Twig World is to supply its range of 2,000 films to Abril Educação, one of the South American country’s largest “systemas”, which provide educational supplies and curriculum support to Brazilian private schools.

Anthony Bouchier, chief executive of Twig, said: “Abril have hundreds of thousands of children using their products, and it is starting to provide systemas into the state education sector as well.”

Twig now provides educational content for a number of markets, including Japan, Peru, Chile, Argentina and South Africa. Bouchier said 90 per cent of the company’s revenues are now derived from outside the UK.

Brazil is currently making a historic level of investment into its education sector. Under its “One Computer per Child” programme, the government has pledged that all pupils will have access to tablet computers, which are suitable for the delivery of Twig’s content.

Bouchier said such policies meant Brazil was “leapfrogging” educational systems in more developed countries.

“The problem in these countries is the quality of teachers. Often in state schools in Brazil, teachers will have three or four jobs. Clearly a child having direct access to a personalised learning system is critical,” said Bouchier.