The wind farm at Whitelee, Eaglesham. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Ian McKee: Seize the initiative in climate change battle

We all know the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change – that has been clear for a while now. What is becoming increasingly apparent is the extent to which this offers an economic opportunity for Scotland.

Xero co-founder Gary Turner was convinced at an early stage that cloud-based technology would grow to become a vital part of our lives. Picture: Emilie Sandy

The Big Interview: Gary Turner, co-founder of accounting software firm Xero

Paranoia, at least a healthy dose of it, is vital if you want to avoid being steamrollered by the next big thing in tech, says Gary Turner. “How disappointed must Friends Reunited be that they didn’t see the bigger picture? They were way before Facebook and they effectively were Facebook. Today’s successes are tomorrow’s chip paper!” says the UK managing director and co-founder of accounting software firm Xero. “We’ve come in and we’ve disrupted quite a stable, staid sector that lacked innovation. We would hate for a new Xero to show up and do that to us, so there’s been a healthy sprinkling of looking over our shoulder.”

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