Siobhán Jordan: R&D a crucial catalyst for chemical industry

It often comes as a surprise to people that Scotland has some of the most valuable chemical sciences research in the world.

Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones are two of the FanDuel founders. Picture:  Contributed

FanDuel founders to front tech showcase

FanDuel co-founders Nigel and Lesley Eccles and Rob Jones have been lined up as keynote speakers for the EIE18 technology showcase taking place in Edinburgh later this year.

The device was tested in Mennies, a well-known pub in Dundee. Picture: Robert Perry/TSPL

Students’ invention aimed at shaming ‘antisocial’ pub customers

A device which shows how many people are using their phone in a pub with the aim of shaming them into switching off has been created by a team of Scottish students.

Tech 14
The fund will be used to boost the tech sector in Stirling. Picture: Donald MacDonald

Stirling looks to boost tech growth with ESM investment

The first investment fund of its kind is to be showcased next week in Stirling.

Roddy Gow OBE, Chairman, The Asia Scotland Institute

Roddy Gow OBE: Brexit is making this government blind to an emerging raft of global problems

Whatever the expectations of this year’s World Economic Forum, probably the greatest ­outcomes were that Donald Trump’s “sales pitch” for his America First ­policy stayed on script.

Opinion 7
The SpaceX Falcon Heavy launches at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Martyn McLaughlin: Super-rich ‘philanthropists’ are usurping democracy

Today’s super-rich are not only aiding the work of government, they are usurping it, writes Martyn McLaughlin.

Opinion 3
Craneware co-founder and chief executive Keith Neilson. Picture: Neil Hanna

New deals for Edinburgh health billing software firm Craneware

An Edinburgh-based healthcare billing software specialist has unveiled two “significant” contracts with new customers in the US hospital provider market, with the deals together expected to deliver revenue of about $8.5 million (£6.1m) over their initial terms.

Tech 1
The informal carer sector is seen as in need of harnessing digital options on offer. Picture: PA

Positive prognosis for mix of tech and healthcare

Healthtech is set to be the UK’s next disruptive tech trend, according to Rohit Patni, co-founder and CEO of online health and wellbeing market place WeMa

Self-service supermarket tills are replacing checkout staff.  Photo by Jeff Blackler/Rex/Shutterstock

David Coyne: Why we should welcome the rise of the robots

Neo-luddite inspired panic would have us believe an impending “Rise of the Robots” could decimate jobs as smarter, faster machines render humans redundant in the workplace.

Opinion 6
BBC Twos Robot Wars judge Prof Sethu Vijayakumar. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Nick Freer: The rise of AI - and the key role of a good pitch

There’s a great movie from a couple of years back called Ex Machina, an Oscar-winning flick that will likely go on to become more famous for its subject matter – the advance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the early 21st century – than its various awards.

It is clear that efficiency measures are among priority focus areas, says Turner

COMMENT: Get smart – there’s an energy revolution going on, says Pinsent Masons

The issues facing Scotland’s ­cities as they try to keep pace with the smart energy revolution and harness innovations in renewable ­energy takes centre stage on 20 February at ­Scottish Renewables’ Low-Carbon Cities Conference in Edinburgh.

Opinion 2
Just 17 per cent of Scotlands geography has 4G mobile coverage

Mobile phone coverage in Scotland is ‘unacceptable’

The UK government must take action to fix Scotland’s ‘unacceptable’ mobile phone coverage, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is to tell MPs.

Tech 42
Openreach said 40 UK towns, cities and boroughs will eventually be connected with FTTP networks

Edinburgh one of first UK cities to get ‘ultrafast’ fibre broadband

Edinburgh is one of eight UK cities to be the first to benefit from an “ultrafast” broadband network which will see households able to get speeds of up to one gigabyte per second.

Ultrafast broadband is coming to the Capital.

Edinburgh to be one of first cities to get ‘ultrafast broadband’

Edinburgh will be one of the first cities to benefit from ultrafast broadband expansion proposals announced by Openreach.

Jim Duffy. Picture: Contributed

Rollercoaster ride of dabbling in digital currency

Yes it’s HODL time in the world of crypto currencies… HODL ­meaning Hold On For Dear Life!

John McLellan is director of the Scottish Newspaper Society

Comment: Reputation becomes a vital weapon in the age of social media

The brief she-did-she-didn’t row over First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the little-publicised 2010 changes to rules about flying the Union Flag over Government buildings was important in one respect; the Daily Mail’s immediate retraction and apology demonstrated a commitment to the self-regulatory system its detractors will no doubt find hard to swallow.

Media & Leisure 2
Facebook Live: Murgitroyd Innovator Launchpad winner Turtle Pack

Facebook Live: Murgitroyd Innovator Launchpad winner Turtle Pack

Entrepraneur Michael Harkins hopes his swim safety device for children will bring kids in the pool “out their shell”.

Melinda Matthews Clarkson of CodeClan. Picture: Stewart Attwood

Melinda Matthews Clarkson: The benefits of embracing change

Motivational speaker and author Mel Robbins has built her recent career around the “5 Second Rule”, a concept that centres on the need for the human brain to override its natural inclination to avoid change and stick with the status quo. It’s something that struck home for me when I joined CodeClan at the end of last year and saw how many people on our software-development courses are making life-changing career switches.

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