Recall on cheesecake which 'may contain plastic'

Waitrose has recalled its cheesecake over plastic fears.
Waitrose has recalled its cheesecake over plastic fears.
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A supermarket has recalled a cheesecake because it could contain pieces of plastic.

Waitrose said there was a chance that its New York Cheesecake may contain thin strands of plastic.

A statement from Food Standards Scotland said: "Waitrose is recalling Waitrose New York Cheesecake because it may contain very thin strands of plastic, which makes this product unsafe to eat."

It said that any customers who had bought the dessert should return it for a refund.

This is the second time in six months that a Waitrose product has become contaminated with plastic. In September, Waitrose recalled a batch of luxury chocolate bars over fears they had could contain small pieces of plastic. The supermarket said it had taken its Waitrose 1 bars off sale.

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