Gnomes make comeback

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THEY have suffered something of an image problem in recent years, but since being allowed to grace this year’s Chelsea Flower Show it appears the garden gnome is making a comeback.
A three-foot garden gnome on sale for £25 at Asda has become the fastest selling outdoor garden product of all time, with one sold every three minutes.

The store held a Facebook campaign to launch the gnome, with followers choosing to name him Gnorman.

Suzannah Maltas, Asda’s gardening buyer, says: “Gnomes are the must-have accessory for 2013, so we thought we’d bring something fun to Asda and our customers by introducing Gnorman. The response has been phenomenal and we are thrilled that he has won over the hearts of the nation.”

Last month the Royal Horticultural Society lifted its ban on garden gnomes, referred to in the rule book as: “brightly coloured creatures”.

Director-general Sue Biggs announced the rules had been changed, saying: “It is important for people to realise we have got a sense of humour and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

At previous flower shows pickets demonstrated against the ban, demanding equal rights for gnomes.