Dundee one of most expensive crematoriums in UK

Funeral costs can vary dramatically.
Funeral costs can vary dramatically.
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Dundee is the joint most expensive crematorium in the UK, as a report found that a lack of competition in certain areas allows providers to charge grieving families far more than national average.

Cremation costs are 36.5 per cent above the national average in areas where there is no competition, according to funeral services comparison site Beyond. The national average is £784, but some crematoriums - including Dundee, where the price is £1,070 - are charging up to £300 more than that.

Inverness also makes the list of the UK’s most expensive public crematoriums at £904 - the fifth most of any public provider - and is the most remote crematorium in the country, 51 miles away from any other.

The average price at a crematorium less than 7.5 miles from its nearest competitor is £757 which rises to £809 for those further than 7.5 miles away and £830 for those beyond 15 miles.

Cremations now account for close to 80 per cent of all funerals, making it big business for the nation’s crematoriums. The CMA will seek to ensure that consumers are not being exploited, particularly at such a vulnerable and emotional time.

James Dunn, co-founder of Beyond, said: “For far too long, not enough has been done about spiralling cremation costs. In everyday life it can pay to shop around for a better deal. In death, however, it’s not always possible to go elsewhere and consumers need to be protected when providers can essentially charge what they like."

He added: “Prices should not be allowed to spiral out of control in areas where there is no competition. No provider should be able to cash in on grief in this way.”

Earlier this month, The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confirmed it was launching an investigation into the funeral market “to ensure that people are not getting a bad deal”.