Beauty products brand set to take off

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A BEAUTY products brand that was developed in its owner’s house is in talks to supply some of the country’s biggest department store operators.

Developed by Antoinette Crawford on her kitchen stove at Gullane in East 
Lothian, the Adam & Eve collection includes three skincare products for men and four for females aged 16 to 25.

After ten years as a complementary therapist, Crawford came up with the idea when her own children – India, Hector and Millicent – began shopping around for skincare products.

Based on essential oils and other natural ingredients with a minimal amount of preservatives, Crawford said the Adam & Eve line is far less “aggressive” than other products.

“I was surprised to discover that, when my teenagers were out looking for suitable products to use on their skin, all they could find were the same kind of things that were on the market when I was a teenager,” she said.

“Nothing seemed to have moved on. It was all terribly astringent and didn’t deliver any sense of desirability or feel-good factor – either through the products or their packaging.”

After three years in development, Adam & Eve has gone into small batch production with the support of an £8,000 interest-free loan from East Lothian Investments. Other costs have been financed by Crawford and her immediate family.

Crawford is also considering her next line of products, which could lead to the development of skincare for babies, or, at the other end of the spectrum, the older generations.