Scottish Power to hike energy prices for 1 million customers

Almost one million Scottish Power customers will see their gas and electricity bill rise by 5.5 per cent.

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Kirkcaldy High Street

Headwinds batter Scottish high streets despite sales rise

Scotland’s high streets eked out some modest growth last month though the result was massaged by the timing of Easter while the retail sector continues to face a “number of headwinds”, experts warned.

Football-playing robot who could teach the next generation some neat tricks

The robot teacher aimed at primary aged kids

Encouraging the next tech smart generation means starting interest early. Meet Marty, the little interactive robot who teaches kids to code.

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Shopper footfall for UK has the sharpest drop in almost eight years. Picture: John Devlin

Toy retailer boss blames rates for high street struggle

The boss of toy retailer The Entertainer has condemned Britain’s soaring business rates, saying the UK government must take some responsibility for casualties on the high street.

Tesco has reported a proft rise of 28 per cent. Picture: Kathryn Wylie

Stephen Jardine: Tesco comeback is not yet in the bag

The store has made a great turnaround but is not out of the woods yet, writes Stephen Jardine

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Toys R Us to shut final stores in next two weeks

Toys R Us will shut its final stores in just under two weeks, resulting in the loss of more than 2,000 jobs, the retailer’s administrators have confirmed.

How GPS technology has pinpointed its home in Edinburgh

How GPS technology has pinpointed its home in Edinburgh

Location-based advertising is helping to drive customers in store. An Edinburgh firm is leading the way in making it happen.

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Five shops every week close on Scotland’s high streets

More than five stores a week are closing on the Scottish high street with “no town immune” from the carnage, a hard-hitting report today reveals.

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Michelle Mone’s former lingerie brand Ultimo to cease UK trading

It was a brand that attracted a degree of showbiz glamour previously unknown in the often staid world of Scottish business.

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Jim Duffy is co-founder of Moonshot �Academy and author of Create Special. Picture: Ian Howarth

Jim Duffy comment: Airport operators flying sky high with pricing

Flying used to be fun and so did a trip to the airport. But, nowadays we are treated less as passengers, but as lucrative commodities there to be exploited.

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Nestle are to launch a pink KitKat. Picture; Nestle

Pink KitKat to launch in UK from next week

A KitKat made with naturally pink chocolate is to launch in the UK next week.

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A branch of Costa coffee on Edinburgh's George Street. Picture: Julie Bull

Cafe sector froths with growth in sites

The popularity of coffee shops is showing no signs of abating with more than three cafes opening per day on average across the UK, according to new research.

Toys R Us and New Look in Craigleith shopping centre, Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Insight: Is in-store shopping past its sell-by in Scotland?

For high streets, retail parks and malls to survive the growing roll call of closures, tenants will have to be even leaner or offer something very different, writes Jane Bradley

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Toys R Us and New Look in Craigleith shopping centre, Edinburgh. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Leader: Let the high street diversify rather than disappear

Britain’s high streets have their roots in Victorian times, when the industrial revolution lured families to towns and cities for work. Without land, they had to rely on shops for food.

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Chianti in a basket (Picture: Getty)

Stephen Jardine: Bruno’s Italian in Dumfries started my love of food

I have a rotten memory. Despite that I can still tell you exactly what I had for dinner on every big family birthday when I was a child. Here is the menu in full.

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One in four Scots are consuming half a day's sugar by 11am. Pic: PA

One in four Scots consume half a day’s sugar by 11am

One in four Scots reach half their daily recommended sugar allowance of eight teaspoons of sugar by 11am – with more than one million people north of the Border consuming a sugar-packed fruit juice or fizzy drink in the morning.

Watchdog calls for plastic-backed fridges to be taken off market

Watchdog calls for plastic-backed fridges to be taken off market

A watchdog has called for plastic-backed fridges to be “urgently” removed from sale after finding they pose a fire risk and could even hasten the spread of a blaze.

David Spaven Scottish Representative, Rail Freight Group

David Spaven: Rail could take the strain off our roads

Transport Scotland’s 2017 guide to rail freight – Delivering Your Goods – ­highlighted the crucial role played by rail in the transport of whisky from Scotland to foreign markets.

Supermarket shelves stripped bare of bread, eggs and milk during the recent exceptionally wintry weather should give planners pause for thought about supply and transport, says Derek Halden

Derek Halden: Beast from the East was a wake-up call for society

In the recent winter disruption, the message from the government was that only essential travel should be made. How do people and businesses know whether their travel is essential to society?

Fashion retailers such as New Look, which has 50 stores in Scotland, and Select have embarked on radical store closure programmes

High street left reeling as 21,000 UK jobs lost

More than 21,000 UK jobs have been axed in the first three months of the year as retail store closures, company restructurings and Carillion’s collapse resulted in a bleak quarter.

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