On board: Rolls fits record-breaking engine to carrier

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Rolls-Royce has completed the fitting of the world’s most powerful marine gas turbine engine.

The unit, which can generate some 50,000 horsepower, has been installed in the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, at Babcock’s shipyard in Rosyth.

The “MT30” gas turbine is derived from Rolls’ Trent 800 aero engine which powers the Boeing 777 aircraft. About 80 per cent of the parts are shared between the two designs.

Two MT30s will be installed in each of the two planned carriers and will provide two thirds of the 109 megawatts needed to power the 65,000 tonne ships – almost enough energy to meet the demands of a city the size of Aberdeen.

Tony Graham, head of capital ships at the Ministry of Defence, said: “The successful achievement of this major milestone has brought the biggest grin to my face since Christmas Day. Everyone involved should take huge pride in their contribution to this national endeavour.”