Life Sciences

Life Sciences

How Glasgow University and AstraZeneca are driving forward life sciences innovation

How Glasgow University’s partnership with AstraZeneca is transforming the way that academia and industry work together

30,000 people are employed in Life Sciences. Picture: TSPL

How to invest in Scotland’s life sciences sector

Scotland’s burgeoning life sciences sector is attracting more and more inward investment, as Scottish Government figures show that more than 37,000 people are employed in the industry, establishing the country as one of the largest clusters in Europe.

Life sciences studies are changing farming.  Picture: Contributed

Five examples of how life sciences is revolutionising farming

Agriculture has always been a key sector for Scotland, and life sciences developments have helped this crucial industry continue to anchor rural life and contribute to the wider Scottish economy.

Workmen look through Scotland's first ultra-powerful 17.5 tonne 7 Tesla (7T) MRI scanner as it is installed at the new Imaging Centre of Excellence (ICE) on the site of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. Picture: John Devlin/TSPL

How Govan became a hub for life sciences in Scotland

The £842m Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow’s newest landmark, dominates views of the city when looking south across the River Clyde.

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"A loss-making small company can get almost a third of its expenditure back as cash."

Getting the optimum tax relief on your research work

An indepth look at how companies can make the most of R & D credits

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Picture: submitted

Five of the most innovative life sciences projects happening in Scotland right now

The life science industry continues to grow, and over 700 companies within this sector call Scotland their home. This innovative industry employs around 37,000 people across the country and is set to be worth around £8bn by 2025 thanks to continued support from the Scottish Government and research projects with the main Scottish medical universities.

The new 30m Roslin Innovation Centre opened for business in August, creating a multi-purpose, multi-occupancy gateway to the largest concentration of animal related expertise in Europe

World leading bioscience innovation centre launches in Midlothian

An innovation hub at the heart of Scotland’s world class animal health sector is bringing together academia, research and enterprise to help address global challenges.

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When you combine all the people across Scotland working together - universities, NHS and industry coming together, we accelerate the benefits for everyone

Hunt for modern 'magic bullet' to offer pinpoint drug delivery

In the quest to extend medicine, the new Clinical Innovation Zone in Glasgow brings together the brightest minds with cutting-edge research and technology.

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Reprocell is a drug developer that has been nurtured throughout its life

Providing a catalyst for biotech growth in Scotland

Support offered to life science companies is carefully tailored to meet their requirements

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Naveed Ahmad, right, and Dominika Vojtasova both joined Ingenza via IBioICs three-month MSc placement programme. Ahmad, who joined in 2015, now manages Vojtasova, who has just started.

'Dating agency' helps visionary Scottish biotech firms woo brightest brains

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre is acting as a hub between academia and a rapidly evolving market worth billions, supporting funding, equipment and skills

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How big data is being used to tackle chronic disease in Scotland

Scotland is leading the way within the field of precision medicine, but how is big data helping tackle chronic disease?

CorporateHealth's pill camera is swallowed by the patient

Innovation transforms rural healthcare in Scotland

Digital healthcare is linking the NHS to people living on Scottish islands

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Why research alone isn’t enough for the life sciences sector

David Lee examines why it can be so difficult to turn knowledge into economic growth


Five most innovative life science companies in Scotland

Alison McLintock from Leyton shares her insights into five of the most innovative life sciences companies based in Scotland.


Video: Scotland’s Life Sciences sector in numbers

Scotland is a hotbed of innovation and investment opportunity for more than 700 Life Sciences companies in a sector moving from strength to strength.

Professor David Lurie looking through a new scanner which has been likened to "100 MRIs in one". Picture: PA

First patients scanned using ultra-powerful MRI scanner

Patients in Scotland have become the first in the world to use a new scanner which has been likened to “100 MRIs in one”.


Video: Five of Scotland’s most innovative Life Sciences companies

Half of all Scottish Life Science companies are meditech and pharma organisations, but innovation stretches as far as cloud computing and DNA sequencing.


Pipeline of skilled staff has Scotland looking to the future

From the days when Clydeside rattled with the roar of shipbuilding, to steel manufacturing, engineering and medical breakthroughs, brewing, textiles, oil and agriculture, Scottish industry and skills have led the way.
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