to be relaunched as Rushour

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IN60.COM, the Edinburgh-based internet company that delivered groceries and videos to the customer’s door, is poised to be reborn.

Former chief operating officer Rory McGown has relaunched the company under the name Rushour, and delivery services will be launched within the next few weeks.

The new venture, which was started with 150,000 of private funding, will be based from a new pizza take-away called The Original American Pizza Co in Holyrood, and will deliver to customers within a 5km radius.

Goods on offer will include videos, hot food such as pizza, Chinese and Indian take-away, groceries, alcohol, cigarettes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

McGown said the new company will have a significantly lower cost base than In60, which collapsed into receivership after failing to secure venture capital funding.

"The initial plan was to use the In60 name, but we discovered that the business community had a negative feeling about the name, and no-one wanted to know anything about a dotcom.

"We will start with a much lower cost base than In60. Its aim was to increase market share and customers. It had huge overheads setting itself up for a national rollout. Here the aim is to make sure that every order out the door is going to make money."

Rushour will initially set an 8 minimum order level and every order below 18 will have an additional 1.99 delivery charge. Orders above 18 will be delivered free.

By comparison In60 only introduced a minimum order fee of 5 about a month prior to its collapse and every order was delivered free.

To begin with, Rushour will only accept orders via telephone, although it does have plans to introduce an internet-based service once the business is established.

It already has a small call centre operation set up at its headquarters on Holyrood Road.

The arrival of a successor to will be cheered by Edinburgh residents, who had become accustomed to enjoying the convenience of home delivery.

At its peak In60 had 18,000 registered customers in Edinburgh and Glasgow and turnover of more than 120,000 per month.

In60 founder Ian MacCallum said he had no interest in being involved with a successor to his business, and said he was involved with "other business interests".