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Jeremy Wright is the UK Culture Secretary

Jeremy Wright: Support local journalism, it’s good for democracy

There’s never been more ways to access the news. But newspapers – accountable, properly researched journalism, paid for by the cover price and the adverts opposite the story – are under immense ­pressure. Last week the Cairncross Review into the future of the press painted a vivid picture of the challenges facing high-quality journalism in the UK.

A no deal Brexit will affect our public service folks' savings, investments and pensions, says Duffy. Picture: contributed.

Comment: Post-Brexit stock market turmoil will hurt us all

Royal Bank of Scotland last week posted some terrific numbers. For some, they will never forget or forgive the bank for causing them pain after the crash of 2008. But, after a long and arduous fight back paying off billions of pounds in fines, RBS and its subsidiaries are back in business. And this is a good thing.

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