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While many lamb producers have scales to check the weights of livestock heading off to the abattoir, a leading adviser has said the same equipment should be used on a regular basis to check lamb growth rates.

Kev Bevan of SAC Consulting told a specialist seminar on sheep production that weigh crates are an essential piece of kit.

He said daily live weight gain in lambs was a key component to profitability and said he was not surprised it was a key feature for many New Zealand sheep farmers.

There were three keys to lifting live weight gain, he said: quality of pasture, health of animals and genetics of the stock.

Bevan stressed that it was particularly important to push live weight gain early as lambs had a greater potential to put on weight up to weaning time.

On another point, Bevan used the catch phrase “Sell them when they are fit, not fat” to emphasise that many modern consumers did not want to see too much fat on the lamb chops they bought.