Roslin wins £10m for planned livestock centre

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The Roslin Institute, one of Scotland’s two leading animal science research stations was yesterday celebrating the award of £10 million towards the building of its livestock improvement centre.

Speaking after the award which came from the Scottish Government, Professor David Hume, director of the Roslin, said the investment complemented the current development of the National Avian Research Facility at Easter Bush, adding that it would help to keep Scotland at the forefront of Livestock research internationally.

The Roslin, which hit the headlines a decade ago with its world pioneering work with Dolly the sheep, is part of the University of Edinburgh and University Principal Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea described the additional resource as allowing the Roslin to continue to provide solutions to global challenges within the livestock industry.

He also thanked the Scottish Government for giving the university a “wonderful opportunity to enhance its research excellence in animal biosciences and food security”.

In making the award, the cabinet secretary for education Michael Russell pointed to the great strength and expertise across many research fields that existed in Scotland with the Roslin Institute leading the way in the animal health sector.

“We want to build on existing excellence to develop our reputation in research and maximise the benefits for our economy,” he said.

“By investing in our research and development capacity, we will help sustain and improve Scotland’s livestock industry while leading efforts to relieve poverty in developing countries. It will position Scotland at the forefront of animal science research across the globe.”