Marketing is key to dairy future

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The best way to secure a future for the Scottish dairy industry is to look at increasing marketing options according to NFU Scotland in their response to a Scottish Government review into the sector.

The Union has suggested creating a Scottish Dairy Marketing Group that would help the nation’s dairy sector to capitalise on the growing world demand for milk and dairy products.

Union milk committee chairman,Gary Mitchell described the dairy sector in Scotland as being at a crossroads.

“From a Scottish perspective, there is undoubted potential in galvanising producers, processors and co-ops based in Scotland under a Scottish Group with generic ambitions, helping not only to identify markets, but also assisting in such issues as trade barriers, routes to market, even payment,” he said.

He believed if the Scottish dairy sector was to grow, then it would be led by developing new and existing markets.

“To inspire investment in processing we must identify the right markets, the routes to these, the products we need and a pricing model, which returns on the investment. ”