Farming: Now First raises milk prices

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THE domino effect in the milk market continued yesterday with the UK’s largest farmer owned co-operative, First Milk, announcing a rise of 1.1p per litre (ppl) in its pool price in July and August, giving a 30ppl standard pool price.

First Milk chairman Bill Mustoe said the co-op recognised the continued pressure on farm costs due to the poor weather and promised to keep the milk price under constant review as higher producer prices were needed.

NFU Scotland’s milk policy manager George Jamieson praised the company for the rise and also the acknowledgement that more was needed.

“The cheese market has been reluctant to move and we are aware that First Milk has been active in highlighting the need for higher prices for cheese to allow them to lift farmers prices,” he said.

“NFU Scotland has also been active in highlighting the crude tendering process in the cheese markets which fails to acknowledge the long-term investment in committing milk for cheese.”