Breakfast ‘fuel’ drink powers into 1,500 stores

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A COMPANY involved in the growth of Innocent Drinks has developed a breakfast drink which is 
being sold in more than 1,500 supermarkets just weeks after its launch.

Fresh Marketing, which developed its own-brand range of porridge pots and granola in the last two years, has added Liquid Fuel, a milk-based on-the-go breakfast drink aimed at young men.

Co-founder Barney Mauleverer, who spent five years with Innocent, launched his own company with school friend Alex Matheson in 2006. The company has an office near Mauleverer’s home in Devon, while its headquarters is near Matheson’s home in Dingwall, Ross-shire.

Liquid Fuel, aimed at “breakfast skippers”, has added B vitamins and 
fibre. It is pasteurised and sold in a carton, which means it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Mauleverer said the inspiration for the new product came from Australia and the US, where a similar product, Muscle Milk, enjoys a turnover of $220 million per year.

In its first six weeks the company sold 500,000 units of the drink after a successful listing in 750 Tesco stores, 500 Asda stores and 250 Sainsbury’s stores.

Mauleverer said: “A lot of people these days, particularly men, are not having breakfast. We present it as everything you need for your morning fix.”

He said the company’s business model is “overhead light” and that the product is made on contract by a factory in Devon.

“We are a sales and marketing product development company, we look 
for trends and opportunities that fit in with what 
retailers and consumers are after.”