Scottish pig sector at risk from shortage of CO2

While talk of the introduction of measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions dominated much of the political chatter at the Royal Highland Show yesterday, in an ironic twist, it emerged that a shortage of the gas could be set to affect several sectors.

Ruth Davidson was speaking at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh

Ruth Davidson vows to protect needs of Scottish farmers post-Brexit

Ruth Davidson has told farmers she is “pressing the case” on the need to respect Scotland’s distinct needs after Brexit.

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Aerial photography at Scottish Game Fair July 1st 2017, Scone Palace, Scotland. Copyright Airborne Lens.

Scottish Game Fair 30th anniversary celebrations

From shooting in the rolling hills of the Highlands to fishing on the banks of scenic rivers and lochs, Scotland’s rich rural landscape is the perfect setting for a variety of country sports.

There was accusations of an 'anti-red meat' agenda  (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Holyrood’s emissions proposals ‘devastating’ for farming

A stark warning that overly ambitious targets set out in the Scottish Parliament’s ­Climate Change Bill could prove ­disastrous for Scotland’s beef and sheep farmers was made at yesterday’s Royal Highland Show.

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Vision Scotland: Alternative lifestyles

Vision Scotland: Alternative lifestyles

For those making their living from the land, having their finances add up has been a long standing issue. Although farmland has been achieving good prices of late, selling the key asset is not something to do lightly and it is often a more complicated – and emotional – equation than pure arithmetic.

Vision Scotland: Unlocking digital potential

Vision Scotland: Unlocking digital potential

The growing digital landscape is changing the face and pace of business across the world.

RHET P2 visit Blegbie Farm by Alan Richardson.

Vision Scotland: Frank O’Donnell’s reflections on summer

As the summer makes its mark on Scottish life, Vision Scotland turns its attention once again to the rural economy.

Vision Scotland’s First person:  A life to cultivate

Vision Scotland’s First person: A life to cultivate

Rural Scotland forms a vital part of the national economy. Not only does a fifth of the Scottish population live in rural and coastal communities, but the rural economy also contributed £36 billion to the national economy in 2015. The people of rural Scotland are custodians of our countryside: they create, sustain and develop our environment, culture and heritage.

Vision Voices: How can we improve sustainability?

Vision Voices: How can we improve sustainability?

We asked people from a variety of industries and organisations to suggest ways to keep products and materials circulating for as long as possible and so make the best use of them. Perhaps some of them will inspire us to do our own bit for the planet?

Vision Scotland: Lessons in the field

Vision Scotland: Lessons in the field

For nearly two decades the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) has been opening the doors to the countryside for more than 20,000 school children each year. Its aim is to teach every child in Scotland about the economic and social realities of the rural Scottish landscape and its working countryside by connecting schools and farms.

Vision Scotland: A challenging road ahead

Vision Scotland: A challenging road ahead

A recent east-to-west drive across southern Scotland, from the Berwickshire coast to Port Patrick in good weather, suggested all is well with Scotland’s rural economy. Sheep and large herds of beef and dairy cattle grazed in the sunshine, grain crops and the distinctive yellow-flowered oilseed were growing well.

The deadly PRRS disease could be eradicated. Picture: MICHAL CIZEK/AFP/Getty Images

Scots scientists produce GM pigs ‘immune’ to deadly swine virus

Scientists have produced gene-edited pigs resistant to what they say is one of the world’s most costly animal diseases.

Thousands of animals will be competing in all manner of classes over the four-day event. Picture: SWNS

Royal Highland Show 2018: Everything you need to know

With massive crowds expected at the biggest country event of the year, Ilona Amos has the low-down on the Royal Highland Show, which opens this week

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Alan Laidlaw, RHASS Chief Executive

Alan Laidlaw: Farming show best by a country mile

Farming is a key industry in Scotland, which is ­apparent as you drive around the country. Our landscape has been farmed for generations to produce some incredible food for our families. But Brexit has brought about uncertainty, especially for some farms, and if we want to ­continue having quality food produced in Scotland, we must address how this is delivered.

The use of some pesticides has been shown to have adverse effects on bee populations (Picture: Getty)

Leader comment: Pay farmers to look after natural world

A new poll has found huge public support for paying farmers to improve Scotland’s environment.

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Michael Gove: SNP willing to ‘throw farmers under bus’ for independence

Michael Gove has accused the SNP of being prepared to throw Scottish farmers “under the bus” in pursuit of their “desperate desire” to secure independence.

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John Davidson with deliveries of the TH cakes at the Penicuik Estate. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

State-of-the-art recycling turns ‘poo cakes’ into farm crops

We haven’t dug for victory since the Second World War, but if Scottish Water has its way we’ll all be doing our bit to improve the nation’s agricultural yield.

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A European lynx on the prowl in Bavaria (Picture: Ronald Wittek/REX/Shutterstock)

Leader comment: Scotland should be cautious about lynx reintroduction

In recent years, Scotland has seen the return of some wonderful animals such as beavers, ospreys and sea eagles that were once driven to extinction.

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