State-of-the-art recycling turns ‘poo cakes’ into farm crops

We haven’t dug for victory since the Second World War, but if Scottish Water has its way we’ll all be doing our bit to improve the nation’s agricultural yield.

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A European lynx on the prowl in Bavaria (Picture: Ronald Wittek/REX/Shutterstock)

Leader comment: Scotland should be cautious about lynx reintroduction

In recent years, Scotland has seen the return of some wonderful animals such as beavers, ospreys and sea eagles that were once driven to extinction.

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Dr Steven Mackinson says that the days are gone when scientists and fishermen were at loggerheads over the state of fish stocks

Dr Steven Mackinson: Industry helping scientists find out if there are plenty more fish in the sea

Good governance of our ­fisheries is essential if we are to ensure a sustainable future – but to manage stocks effectively we need as much scientific information as possible about their status and current trends.

But this costs money and resources – something which is inevitably ­limited. The end-result is that if our knowledge of a particular fish stock is scant, then poor management ­decisions are made, which is bad for the stock, and bad for fishermen and society as a whole.

Stuart Goodall is Chief Executive of Confor: promoting forestry and wood

Stuart Goodall: Fishing is important – but the forestry sector is twice the size

IT’S been another busy month for forestry in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament passed its first forestry legislation since ­devolution in 1999, the day before UN International Day of Forests – and the wild weather from the east saw huge quantities of timber, lost by a ­transport vessel in the North Sea, wash up on the shores of East Lothian and Fife.


Scots sheep farmers appeal for emergency aid after ‘brutal’ weather

Sheep farmers are to approach the Scottish Government for emergency aid after the country’s lambing season was decimated by a “Perfect Storm” of dreadful weather.

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Highland cattle. Picture:: Roger Gaisford/Alamy Live News

West Lothian farmer trampled to death by his own cattle

A farmer was trampled to death by a herd of his own cattle in a “one-off” incident, a Fatal Accident Inquiry was told yesterday.

Nigel Farage and Fishing for Leave supporters throw fish into the Thames. Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty

Dani Garavelli: Sold down the river by false promises

Could there be a better example of karma in action than the news that the new British passport – held up just weeks ago as a symbol of restored national identity – will be manufactured by a Franco-Dutch technology company?

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How the Brexit fishing row affects Scotland - and why it matters

Despite fears that it could be a recreation of the ‘Battle of the Thames’ (the bizarre clash between rival pro and anti EU floatillas at the height of the referendum), Wednesday’s fish-throwing Brexit protest was something of a damp squib.

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‘Indy Scotland won’t rejoin EU if bad fishing deal’, says SNP MSP

An independent Scotland would not rejoin the EU if it meant a bad deal for the country’s fishing sector, a Nationalist MSP has said.

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May told to fix fishing plans or rebels will sink Brexit deal

Theresa May has been warned that her Brexit deal will be voted down in the House of Commons unless she tears up “unacceptable” transition proposals for fishing.

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Hairy coos in Pollok Park in Glasgow

Genetic profiling could breed cattle resistant to tuberculosis

Scientists are undertaking genetic profiling of thousands of cows as part of efforts to breed cattle herds which are more resistant to tuberculosis.

The Royal Highland Show, Ingliston, Edinburgh. Picture: Toby Williams

David Jackson: Royal Highland Show is a huge boost to the Scottish economy

The Royal Highland Show is now in its 178th year, an incredible achievement for any event, and one I am very proud to be part of. Over the years, it has shown to be resilient and innovative whilst respecting its heritage.

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Theresa May put on notice over Brexit fishing deal

Theresa May has given assurances to Scottish Conservative MPs over the future of fishing after Brexit following widespread anger at the terms of a transition deal struck with Brussels.

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Brexit deal sparks furious row over Scotland’s fishing industry

A post-Brexit transition deal struck with Brussels has been condemned as a “sell-out” after it was revealed that the UK will have to abide by quotas imposed by Brussels in 2020.

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SNP call on Ruth Davidson to apologise over fishing ‘sell-out’

Scotland’s fishing industry has been ‘sold out’ under the terms of the Brexit transition agreenment announced today, a senior SNP minister has said.

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Fishing industry's anger as UK and EU strike Brexit transition deal

Fishing industry's anger as UK and EU strike Brexit transition deal

David Davis and Michel Barnier have announced the agreement of a post-Brexit transition period, but the EU has warned that further work on the status of Northern Ireland is required before it can come into force.

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Scots fishermen urge immediate exit from Fisheries Policy post-Brexit

Scottish fishermen have demanded the immediate exit from the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) when Britain leaves the European Union.

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Scottish fishermen lash out at EU plan for UK waters

The fishing industry has lashed out at proposals from Brussels for European fleets to keep unrestricted access to British waters after Brexit.

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Video: Britain’s best chippies bring supply chain full circle in Norway

Ten National Fish and Chip Awards finalists ventured out to see aboard an 800-tonne fishing vessel to bring the production line full circle.

A new IT system introduced by the Scottish Government has been criticised and has driven farmers into debt.

Farmers ‘forced off their lands’ due to SNP’s failed farm payment system

Farmers have been driven into debt and forced off their lands according to from farming leaders due to the failure of the IT system set up to pass on subsidy payments from the EU.

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