Jacqueline Moore is Head of Immigration at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

Jacqueline Moore: Employers must be ready to take stock

An end to free movement post-Brexit heralds the most significant change to immigration law in a generation and will present new challenges to businesses that have relied on EU workers. Few businesses are likely to be immune, given the prevalence of EU workers across all economic sectors.

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Scottish salmon is renowned worldwide.

Scottish salmon proving export success around the world

Kirsty McLuckie on the burgeoning global appetite for Scottish salmon – and why farmers are frustrated that demand continues to exceed supply for this premium product in an industry that still offers huge potential
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Stuart Goodall is Chief Executive of Confor: promoting forestry and wood

Stuart Goodall: Trees are important for the economy – planting more is a no-brainer

I have the privilege of ­travelling across the UK and ­seeing how Government attitudes to ­forestry are developing and ­playing out – and it is clear to me that ­Scotland is well ahead. Scotland leads in its understanding of how ­important ­forestry and wood processing is to the economy and to the environment and it leads in implementing ­policies to deliver more forestry and the greater use of wood.

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Robert Graham. Picture: submitted

Interview: Robert Graham, MD of Graham’s The Family Dairy

“Ultimately, this is about the sort of country – society and economy – we want to become and believe that we can become.” It is a point well-made in the Sustainable Growth Commission report and one that resonates for Scotland’s future irrespective of politics or sovereign destiny.

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