Audiology firm makes big noise in expansion tie-up

Chris Stone conducts a hearing examination on brother Martin. Picture: Contributed
Chris Stone conducts a hearing examination on brother Martin. Picture: Contributed
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A family-run audiology business is to expand its reach across central Scotland after agreeing a partnership deal with the only clinic in the UK to specialise in tinnitus treatment and management.

The Hearing Clinic UK, which is run by brothers Chris and Martin Stone, both third-generation hearing aid audiologists, has agreed a tie-up with the Tinnitus Clinic.

The move will see the Hearing Clinic UK expand to include permanent sites in Glasgow and Stirling, along with six visiting clinics at outpatient locations across Scotland.

Director Chris Stone said: “We currently offer Scotland’s largest range of hearing solutions but we want to raise the bar in audiology across the UK and Europe – this partnership and subsequent expansion is a crucial step in achieving these goals.

“Joining forces with the Tinnitus Clinic means we can support our patients with the very best, pioneering technologies, and we can offer much greater access and availability across the country.

“We’ve grown our team to ten staff, including five audiologists, and we’re seeing more than 400 patients each week with various hearing conditions.”

He added: “My grandfather was posted to the audiology department of a Scottish Hospital after World War II. He went on to build a chain of clinics which my father continued to expand.”

Josephine Swinhoe, director of the Tinnitus Clinic, said: “Nearly a million people in Scotland have experienced tinnitus which is a sound in the ears or head not caused by an external noise.

“Every person’s tinnitus is different and can vary from buzzing or hissing through to a high pitched whistle or drum roll, and almost everything in between.”

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