Ambergreen logs on to first-year success

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AMBITIOUS internet marketing company Ambergreen has seen turnover in its first year in business hit £250,000.

The Edinburgh-based group, which specialises in channelling internet surfers towards company websites through "search engine optimisation" (SEO) techniques, also said it was aiming to double turnover to more than 500,000 over the coming year.

Founding directors Tino Nombro, Grant Whiteside and Richard O’Connor said they are putting together a "rapid growth" strategy which they hope will propel Ambergreen to a top five position among the world’s major internet marketing groups within five years.

During the year, the firm beefed up its client portfolio to 70, including organisations such as development agency Scottish Enterprise, Macdonald Hotels - the country’s eighth-biggest hotel group - and recruitment agency Return to Scotland, run by former Scotland rugby star Jim Calder.

Chairman Derek Gordon said: "Ambergeen is firmly focused on its goal to be recognised as one of the top internet marketing companies in the world within five years through the pioneering use of search engine optimisation techniques.

"To achieve this ambition we will target the new markets of financial services and online recruitment."

Ambergreen has already been successful in securing Workthing and Yours4Money, two companies in its targeted sectors.

Mr O’Connor said the firm had "created a secure foundation" over its first year, adding that the coming months would be "crucial to launching us into the second phase of our ambitious strategy to double turnover within 12 months".

SEO is based on the user searching for sites via key words and phrases and also uses techniques associated with mathematics, linguistics and algorithms to place websites higher up a list of returns on search engines, such as Google .

Internet marketing companies claim every year companies are losing huge amounts of potential revenue because their online sites are not properly geared towards pulling in web surfers making 256 million hits a day on search engines.

Ambergreen claims the internet marketing sector is currently "underdeveloped." Mr O’Connor said: "Ambergreen is one of the few companies positioned to shape this emerging profession and is in the vanguard of the movement to establish professional standards and codes of practice that will regulate internet marketing."

The firm said that to date it had attracted more than six million "qualified visitors" to UK websites. This helped many clients achieve a 50 per cent-plus lift in the number of people viewing their websites.

Tino Nombro, Ambergreen’s managing director, said that while company websites may be expertly designed and informative, if internet search engines are not returning them, their "beauty and technical wizardry are pointless".