Abertay Uni scientists help Scomac’s sauce recipe

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A FOOD maker is preparing to relaunch one of its sauces after scientists at Abertay University helped change its recipe so it no longer clogs up the neck of its bottles.

Dundee-based Scomac, which produces condiments and seafood, enlisted the help of experts from Food Innovation at Abertay (FIA), who investigated why its whisky butterscotch sauce was splitting.

Jon Wilkin, senior food technologist at FIA, said: “There’s quite a lot of hidden chemistry in food production. Different flours, for example, contain different types and concentrations of starches and, when it comes to sauces, they determine whether it will be thick or thin.

“When using natural ingredients, as Scomac does, if you don’t have exactly the right balance of ingredients in your recipe, it can lead to them separating out again once they’ve been mixed together because they aren’t able to bind together properly in the way that they should.

“In Scomac’s case, this meant all the fats from the butter and cream rose to the top and blocked the neck of the bottle so customers had to warm the bottle to melt the cream and butter before they could get it out.”

Socmac refused to use artificial stabilisers and thickeners, so Abertay altered the recipe and suggested high-speed mixing techniques.

Ken Andrew, Scomac’s general manager, said: “It tastes just as good as it did before, but the ingredients no longer separate out, which makes it look the way it should and means customers can easily get it out of the bottle and on to their ice cream.”