Caltech Lifts marks birthday with charitable gift

Caltech Lifts has celebrated its 40th birthday by donating a van to a local foodbank.

Caltech Lifts MD Andrew Renwick said he was happy to help as hed 'heard a lot about the great work' Dundee Foodbank do. Picture: contributed

The family-run firm had loaned a van to Dundee Foodbank since its own vehicle ground to a halt in June, saving the organisation £5,250 in potential rental fees and enabling it to continue collecting and distributing food donations.

Now Caltech has marked its 40th anniversary with the permanent gift of one of its vans.

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The firm also asked Murdo Macintosh, owner of MM Auto Services, which maintains Caltech’s vehicles, to lend a hand. Macintosh agreed to service the van and carry out all future servicing and MOTs on it free of charge.

Managing director Andrew Renwick said: “When I saw the foodbank’s Facebook post I was more than happy to help because I’d heard a lot about the great work they do.

“I’m delighted we’ve not only been able to solve their transport problem permanently but also get MM Auto Services to donate future servicing and MOTs. Thanks to Murdo for that great gesture.”

Michael Calder, Dundee Foodbank warehouse co-ordinator, said: “We’re very grateful to Andrew and Caltech Lifts for the donation of this van and to Murdo for the future maintenance.”