BRC launch advice scheme for farmers

THE increasing pressure on Scotland's main support scheme was highlighted yesterday as one reason why farmers all over the country should consider using professional advice.

Nick Wright was speaking in Edinburgh at the launch of Buccleuch Rural Solutions of which he is a director. The new company aims to provide professional advice on a wide range of rural issues.

Wright said the Scottish Rural Development Scheme was struggling to cope with all the demands now being made on it.

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"There have been a few chunky payments going out to a number of farms but funding is now under strain. It is getting stickier and pickier and much harder," he stated. "Basically there is not enough money in the pot."

The new company, which is a standalone offshoot of the Buccleuch group which owns some 230,000 acres in Scotland and England, will help smaller firms deal with the increased complexity and bureaucracy that now exists in so many fields.

According to Alan Nisbet, managing director of BRS, although the company is quite small, it can pull in a wide range of professional specialists as part of its connection to the Buccleuch group.

"We are able to call on a wealth of experience that can really provide practical and durable business solutions and this I what we believe sets us apart from our competitors within the sector."