Bonnybridge is the base for new ‘no average pet store’ venture

An enormous range of aquarium fish and all the food and other supplies you need to care for them is the primary offer at Central Aquatics in Bonnybridge’s Croft Estate.

But owner Jason Frew has made it clear he aims to carefully develop his new business to cover practically every aspect of what to many is a fascinating and absorbing hobby.

He is a dedicated enthusiast whose shop is a spectacular showcase for the colourful world of aquarium life.

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Row upon row of tanks display the myriad types of fish already in his steadily-expanding collection.

However the business aims to score by building towards a style of service which will provide far more than a retail service, although that is its main practical function.

It aims to be the sort of store where there is always something new and interesting to discover.

There was a previous aquatics business on the same site, but the new company is said to have revitalised it by bringing in many new species of tropical, cold water or marine fish and coral - along with all the supporting equipment and additives.

Jason Frew said: “We have a huge range of food, including our own brand frozen food - we are striving to bring the best quality food products and livestock.

“We are very proud to have the support of the stars of Animal Planets show Tanked, and we also offer a custom design, installation and maintenance service just like you see on the show - so we’re a little more than your average pet store!”

He added: “Once we have finished the revamp of the building we will be starting the odd workshop where we will be bringing specialists to give demos and talks on the various different trends and styles in the hobby.

“While the previous company used to sell reptiles from the building we no longer do this as we are aiming to focus on aquatics first - we may look at reptiles in the future if there is a demand for it.

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“We have so many exciting things planned for the future and would love to have the local community involved”.

Central Aquatics is at Unit 5, Croft Estate, Longcroft, Bonnybridge, FK41QP. It is open every day by Tuesday, but aims to open seven days from mid-August.