Best UK sites to buy Instagram followers (2023)

A surprising number of musicians have gotten their start on Instagram.
Twicsy - the number one site to buy Instagram followersTwicsy - the number one site to buy Instagram followers
Twicsy - the number one site to buy Instagram followers

Given how there are over 30 million Instagram users in the UK, it’s no surprise that an artist could build their audience there.

The most followed Brit on the platform is Dua Lipa, so there’s absolutely a demand for musicians ready to share their life and their music on Instagram.

However, if you keep announcing the release of your album, yet you still can’t gain followers, you may need to change your social media strategy. The Instagram algorithm is hard to crack, so doing things slow and steady isn’t always what’s best.

Buy real instagram followersBuy real instagram followers
Buy real instagram followers

Instead, consider buying Instagram followers from trusted sites, say experts Viralift SMM.

Here they outline how to buy Instagram followers for your profile, no matter if you’re a musician, influencer, or business owner.

The UK’s Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Purchasing Instagram followers is the best way to catch the algorithm’s attention and force it to promote your work. After all, Instagram can’t just ignore an account that people like to follow.

Buzzoid is a trusted website for hundreds of usersBuzzoid is a trusted website for hundreds of users
Buzzoid is a trusted website for hundreds of users

Here are the top UK sites where you can buy followers from for your Instagram account:

Twicsy is the cornerstone of successful online service, evident by their features in top magazines and journals like DelcoTimes and Men’s Journal. They are the preferred website for many indie musicians and managers who want to give the accounts they handle a popularity boost.

What makes Twicsy so popular is the quality of their followers and their approach to customer service. Twicsy offers real accounts, not bots, so that you can use their service without fear of getting your account suspended. These followers will rarely ever drop off or leave you with a decreasing follower count. If, for whatever reason, the followers can’t follow your account anymore, then Twicsy will resupply you for free.

They are proud to offer all customers 24/7 support, ensuring that no matter what time of day or night you contact them, you’ll always have access to help and guidance when you need it. Their support team is comprised of experienced professionals who are dedicated to making sure that customers have the best experience using their services.

When it comes to buying Instagram followers, a poorly developed website does not inspire confidence. Not only do scam websites have websites that are difficult to navigate, but they also have information that’s difficult to understand. That's where Buzzoid chooses to be different.

Buzzoid understands that there are too many scam websites that claim to sell Instagram followers. They also understand that customers may be nervous when purchasing from them, which is why they are extremely transparent about their services and their policies.

The process of buying followers from them is incredibly simple and clean too, making them a trusted website for hundreds of users.

They've invested heavily in the design and development of their website, with the goal of creating a platform that’s functional and easy to use. Buying followers from them only takes a few minutes, which is perfect if you want to buy from them multiple times. All you have to do is go on their website, choose the number of followers you want to buy, and then checkout. You'll need to give Buzzoid your email address so they can send you your receipt, and your Instagram username so they know where to deliver the followers. Pay with a credit card or debit card, and you’re all set. It's that simple!

You can go to their site and read the amazing reviews left by satisfied customers if you need further convincing of Buzzoid’s long-standing reputation.

Rushmax doesn’t waste your time. If you want to gain followers as quickly as possible, Rushmax makes it easy thanks to their speedy delivery and simple checkout process, which they believe is key for providing excellent service. Customers don’t have to create an account just to purchase followers. Anytime you want to buy one of their follower packages, all you have to do is click a few buttons, input your payment information, and place your order.

Just a few minutes after your order is registered, you’ll begin seeing the followers roll in. In a few hours, all the users you ordered will be following your account. Unlike other sites, Rushmax does not make you wait.

This website is perfect for Instagram users and artist managers that are serious about building an audience on Instagram and have a strategy involving paid followers. You can time the burst of followers you get after using Rushmax with your posting schedule to make it seem like you’re gaining followers because of a viral hit. This will make Instagram recognise your account and promote it every time you post something new.

4.TrendVibes Agency

TrendVibes Agency offers quick delivery and excellent customer service. They are perfect for casual Instagram users that don’t necessarily want to become influencers on the platform. While their services are great, they do offer limited packages with low follower counts.


SocialSavvy is a great website for social media managers and businesses. They only sell packages with high follower counts, so if you’re just starting out, using their services may get you in trouble. It's unrealistic to jump from a few hundreds to thousands of followers overnight. But, if you’re already an up-and-coming musician, this site will get you what you need.

6.The Social Company

The Social Company is a long-standing company with a lot of great reviews. However, their services are on the expensive side. They offer the same packages that other sites mentioned above offer, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to spend a hefty number of pounds for their services.

7.BrandBuzz Agency

BrandBuzz Agency only recently started selling Instagram followers, but they’ve been selling followers for other social media platforms for years. They don’t have a lot of follower packages to offer just yet, but they should be adding more soon. They have a rather long checkout process, but they deliver followers quickly.

8.The Social Lab

The Social Lab is a new site that recently launched this year. They offer real, high-quality accounts and have many packages to choose from, but their delivery is slow. They're a great website to use if you don’t mind waiting a few days for the followers to roll in.

Why Buy Followers?

Buying followers is a secret strategy numerous managers, brands, influencers, and marketing agencies use to become popular. It works because of the way Instagram’s algorithm operates.

When you have a new account, Instagram will only promote it to people near you, so you can get your friends and family to follow you. As they follow your account, Instagram will then promote you to people that your followers know, such as their friends and family. However, people often hit a plateau as Instagram promotes your work to strangers that aren’t going to follow you because they don’t know you.

When you buy followers, it then tells the Instagram algorithm that strangers are interested in what you post. The algorithm puts a spotlight on your account after this and promotes it to others, expanding your chances of getting followed by more people.

This is why purchasing followers is a great way to gain notoriety on Instagram, especially as a musician. It’s inexpensive, fast, and you get the chance to grow organically faster than other accounts.

Buy More Engagement to Boost Your Presence on Instagram

The great thing about the sites mentioned above is that many of them sell more than just Instagram followers. They also sell other engagement packages, such as likes, comments, and views. Check out their other services if you want more activity on your page and really dominate on the platform against your competition.

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