Aberdeen Angus sires hit a high as demand soars

AN UNPRECEDENTED demand for high-quality Aberdeen-Angus sires displaying modern attributes has seen registrations in the Aberdeen-Angus Society's herdbook soar to record levels.

In 2009, registrations with the society hit an all-time high of 13,361, representing a 4.84 per cent increase on the year. Of those cattle registered with the society, 5,395 were bulls and 7,966 were females.

This places the breed at the number two spot for pedigree beef breed registrations in the UK and reinforces its position as the top-ranking native sire.

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Society chief executive Ron McHattie said breeders continued to respond to the ever-increasing commercial demand for Aberdeen-Angus sires by producing bulls which are in constant demand.

"This record number of registrations has been driven by increased demand from suckler producers for quality sires. Producers recognise the value of Aberdeen-Angus sires and want to capitalise on all the breed has to offer.

"They want easy calving bulls to reduce labour requirements and aid cow health, they recognise the natural polling of the breed eliminates the need to dehorn calves and, most importantly, they receive a premium for calves and finished cattle and want to capitalise on that.

"On top of that, Aberdeen-Angus sired calves require less concentrate feed than their continental sired counterparts, reducing costs and the carbon footprint of producing high-quality Aberdeen-Angus beef."