15 reasons to take part in the 15th MoonWalk Scotland

Thousands of women, men and young people donning specially decorated bras and fancy dress will step to the beat in the Capital’s Holyrood Park as they celebrate the music-themed event The MoonWalk Scotland.

The MoonWalk Scotland
The MoonWalk Scotland

The charity walk takes place on Saturday, 6 June and will raise money to help fight breast cancer.

Funds will go to grant-making breast cancer charity Walk the Walk, which has raised more than £133 million across the UK in the last 23 years. Almost £22m has been raised in Scotland alone.

Over the years, grants have been made to NHS hospitals, Maggie’s Centres and other vital breast cancer causes.

While The MoonWalk Scotland is helping to make a difference to people living with cancer in Scotland, it is also one of the most popular and fun-filled fundraising events in the country.

With four challenges available on the night – the New Moon for ages 10 and up (10k), Half Moon (13.1), Full Moon (26.2), and Over the Moon Ultra (52.4 miles) – there is no excuse not to put on your walking shoes.

Here are 15 reasons to take part:

1. 2020 is the 15th birthday of The MoonWalk Scotland – an excuse to celebrate!

The charity walk, which takes place through the night, is an exciting event which attracts thousands of people every year, meaning there is a great atmosphere along the route.

2. See Edinburgh in a way you’ve never seen it before – if you’re lucky you might catch the sunrise over Portobello.

The route will take in some of the Capital’s most famous sights, including the Scott Monument, for the Half Moon challenge, and the Leith Waterfront, for those doing the Full Moon challenge.

3. YOU will make a difference to those living with cancer in Scotland.

Everyone who enters the 10k, 13.1 and 26.2 MoonWalk challenges are asked to raise £100 – or £400 for Over the Moon Ultra.

4. Training each week is an opportunity to catch up with friends and family or have some well-deserved ‘you’ time.

Each participant will receive a comprehensive training booklet, which covers diet, tips on footwear and how to warm up. as well as a full 12-week training plan.

It includes recommendations for walking distances and other activities for each week.

5. This year’s theme is music, which includes all sorts of music and whether it is rock, pop, disco queens or favourites from the musicals, participants can let their feet follow the beat.

6. Get a chance to show your creative side, or just have a bit of fun, by decorating a bra completely unique to you.

Anyone who enters – including the boys – will receive a bra ready to decorate, perhaps with sequins, feathers or flowers.

Everyone can choose their own size and post-surgery bras are also available.

While it may feel daunting to step outside wearing a bra, just a few minutes spent in the company of others doing the same will make it feel completely normal.

7. The party and electric vibe before you set off. The excitement will build as MoonWalkers gather at Holyrood Park from 9pm.

8. Experience an atmosphere like never before – the people on The MoonWalk Scotland route are an incredibly supportive bunch.

9. That feeling of excitement and nerves at the start line. Whether someone is a seasoned MoonWalker or a first timer, that feeling of excitement still hangs in the air.

10....And then that feeling of achievement and pride at the finish line. Although there is no prize for coming first, completing any of the four available challenges conjures up an immense feeling of achievement.

11. That fabulous medal to show off to your friends and family. Everyone who reaches the finish line of the challenge they have chosen will receive a medal.

12. All the money raised at The MoonWalk Scotland, stays in Scotland.

13. The support from the Walk the Walk team, volunteers and your fellow walkers.

Walk the Walk is grateful to everyone who enters The MoonWalk and throughout the challenges, walkers are surrounded by like-minded people encouraging each other along the way.

14. Get fit and healthy. With four different distances, there’s something for everyone.

The challenges include The MoonWalk classic Full Moon Marathon at 26.2 miles and the Half Moon Marathon at 13.1 miles. For those looking for something shorter, why not try the 10k New Moon Challenge.

If you’re a more experienced walker, looking to challenge yourself, look no further than the 52.4-mile Over the Moon Ultra route.

15. The memories created will stay with you forever…

Gates for the event open at 9pm on Saturday, 6 June at Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

To register and for further information, visit the website at www.walkthewalk.org