Revealed: The firms with the biggest gender pay gap in Scotland’s cities

Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
Picture: Joe Giddens/PA Wire
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The deadline for UK companies which employ more than 250 staff to reveal their gender pay gap has now passed, meaning the public can now view the results.

More than three-quarters of UK companies pay men more on average than women, the BBC has reported.

The Scotsman found the 10 companies based in Scotland’s four largest cities (Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Dundee) with the biggest gender pay gap - they include oil services companies, construction firms, and even a private school.

The gender pay gap is not the same as having unequal pay, which would be against the law. It is the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women.

A gender pay gap can arise if there are more highly paid men than women in a firm, or if women are deemed to be less experienced than their male counterparts, or even if women take a hit to their salary after taking maternity leave.

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