Tom Wood

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Gender balance improves policing, as it does in all walks of life - Tom Wood

A little story for our time caught my eye recently. One of Police Scotland’s Firearms Inspectors was in the firing line (pun intended) for sending an email to his staff requesting that where resources permitted, it would be preferable if mixed teams of female and male officers be deployed on patrol, this on the basis of a balance of physical capability, temperament and the ability to deal with and search female suspects and prisoners. This brought howls of protest and complaints of discrimination and a ‘sexist culture’.

Sally Challen, flanked by her sons James (left) and David (right),  leaves court after hearing she will not face a retrial over the death of her husband Richard Challen in 2010. (Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

Why Sally Challen’s release is not a licence to kill – Tom Wood

At first glance, the case of Sally Challen appears like a licence to kill. The lady in question, having separated from her husband Richard agreed to a reconciliation, then concealing a hammer in her handbag killed him by repeated blows to the head. No spur-of-the-moment crime this, it was deliberate and calculated and, accordingly, she was convicted of murder.

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