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Leader comment: Boris is the new Ole Gunnar Solksjaer

Leader comment: Boris is the new Ole Gunnar Solksjaer

THERE is a phenomenon in football management which sees fans clamour for the direct opposite of their current situation after a poor season. Charismatic foreign managers with wild hair are replaced with safe steady club legends with tight crops. Defensive-minded bosses are thrown out to be substituted for attack-minded equivalents. It’s the Mourinho for Solksjaer strategy. As if grabbing the polar opposite is the elixir.

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Leader comment: Does Boris Johnson care about Scotland?

Critics are calling it the “submarine strategy”. This is where Boris Johnson carefully avoids media interviews and ducks public scrutiny leaving the rest of the Conservative leadership hopefuls to beat each other up on the docks. Then he sails into harbour next month waving the Union flag in victory.

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