Euan McColm

Euan McColm: Honour Sir Billy while he’s still with us

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I was in a Glasgow taxi and got chatting to the driver about Billy Connolly. The comedian had recently announced that, at the age of 76, he was withdrawing from live performances. A career spanning more than five decades was at an end and we were both rather sad about that.

Billy Connolly
Andrew Bridgen should feel ashamed of himself for spouting such nonsense. Picture: Peter MacDiarmid/Rex/Shutterstock

Euan McColm: Blind faith of Leavers begins to beggar belief

It was a display of such idiocy that, having performed it, any normal person would have locked themselves away to burn with shame for weeks. And, even when the first sting of humiliation had faded, it would haunt them, flickering into cringe-inducing memory, for years to come.

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