Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: Why Brexit spat shows it’s crazy to create new Irish borders

To anyone with even modest knowledge of Irish politics, the story that broke on Monday morning sounded deeply implausible.

Opinion 14
Drastic cuts to Scottish council budgets are hurting the most vulnerable members of society

Brian Wilson: They run schools and care for elderly but face poorhouse

For anyone who cares about the fabric of Scottish society, as opposed to political rhetoric, this week’s essential reading is the Audit Scotland report on Local Government for 2016-17.

Opinion 14
Workers at BiFab have not seen the benefits of proper investment, says Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson: Ill wind blows for Scotland’s 2nd Industrial Revolution

For a few days, the ­problems of BiFab ­commanded public attention. It was almost back to the old days, with workers threatening to blockade the yards. The First Minister rushed home to take ­command. A few heads were knocked together to underwrite the work and laps of honour ensued.


Brian Wilson: Fundamentalists forced ‘bonkers’ Brexit deadline on May

Like poor squaddies through the ages, the potential cannon ­fodder of the Brexit campaign pray that their generals have a masterful plan, but tend to doubt it.


Brian Wilson: Sturgeon’s income tax plan is spider’s web the opposition must avoid

An auction seems to have developed in Scottish politics to determine who will increase income tax by the highest degree. This is puzzling since, of all the remedies required by the Scottish economy, higher personal taxation does not spring to mind.


Brian Wilson: Lesson for Scotland in this attempt at Catalan tyranny

There’s a lesson to be learned for Scotland in this attempt at tyranny by Catalan leaders, writes Brian Wilson

MP Douglas Ross caused uproar when he missed a Commons vote to run the line in Spain. Picture: Alan Harvey

Brian Wilson: It’s time to stop blaming the game – and the fans – for society’s ills

Football can suffer from high visibility. Some ­people see far too much of it for their liking. Others cannot resist the profile it offers. ­Newspapers are always looking for ways to move it from the back pages to the front.

Nicola Sturgeon

Brian Wilson: What are the SNP hiding over public project finance? Good luck with getting any answers

This week’s report on the Scottish Futures Trust raises questions long ­overdue for answers. It is unlikely these will be forthcoming since the organisation’s structures are designed to put them beyond ­Freedom of Information legislation.

Operating outside EU regulations may prove beneficial for Scotland  but the SNP is unwilling to seek such opportunities. Picture: Getty

Brian Wilson: SNP’s stance on Brexit lacks political imagination

The Scottish view of the European Union is more nuanced than some in the SNP realise, writes Brian Wilson.

Spluttering Theresa May gained some sympathy after her conference speech disaster. Picture: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Brian Wilson: Why Theresa May will cling on for a while yet

There’s a current piece of West End farce called The Play That Goes Wrong, in which the brilliantly ­choreographed stream of disasters is guaranteed to draw uproarious laughter. After this week’s events, I guess the temptation to follow up with The Speech That Goes Wrong will be irresistible.

Referendum in Catalonia is illegal and should be treated as such by Nicola Sturgeon, says Brian Wilson  Photo: Getty

Brian Wilson: Nicola Sturgeon should keep her nose out of Catalonia

Nicola Sturgeon’s intervention in Catalonia’s affairs is surprising since it kicks away any chance of Spain, in future, accepting separate Scottish entry into the EU, writes Brian Wilson.

Demonstrators in South Africa shout slogans during a protest calling for the removal of President Jacob Zuma. Picture: AFP/Getty

Brian Wilson: Ask Mr Bell and Mr Pottinger their views on corporate rottenness

Lightning strikes in unexpected places. We hear a lot about what has gone wrong in South Africa and less about the resilience of its relatively new institutions. Perhaps the great corporations which are finding out the hard way should have done a little more research.

Tony Blair in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, the morning after the devolution referendum delivered a decisive Yes Yes vote. Picture: Alan Milligan

Brian Wilson: Holyrood will get more powers, but how will they be used?

There always has to be a grievance and someone always has to be doing us down. Twenty years ago this week, Alex Salmond was desperately insisting that Tony Blair could not be trusted to deliver a referendum on creating a Scottish Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon at Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) Ltd

Brian Wilson: Whatever happened to last year’s SNP policies?

There’s been a lot of 1997 nostalgia around this week and I felt my own little fit coming on when I noticed the venue for Nicola Sturgeon’s latest exhortations on the Scottish economy – Spirit AeroSystems (Europe) at Prestwick.

Jeremy Corbyn with the bust of John Smith at Glasgow University Union

Brian Wilson: What qualities does Scottish Labour’s next leader need?

The next Scottish Labour leader should not be suck the party into Holyrood centralism, writes Brian Wilson

Nicola Sturgeon discussed her issues with the word nationalist at the Edinburgh Book Festival. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Brian Wilson: Scottish voters are ready to move on from nationalism

Scottish voters are ready to move on from the distorting prism of nationalism, writes Brian Wilson.

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman speaks to service users. Picture: John Devlin

Brian Wilson: SNP must use power to aid women hit by pension changes

The late Donald Dewar, on being described as “the midwife of devolution,” replied that devolution’s only midwife was Margaret Thatcher. It was she who persuaded enough Scottish voters to put up a defence against “the same thing happening again”.

Anti-government activists build a barricade in Venezuela's third city, Valencia. Picture: AFP

Brian Wilson: Venezuela is a tragedy, not an opportunity to score domestic political points

Unlike most who have developed a recent self-certainty about Venezuela, I can find it on the map and share in the clichés of neither right nor left about the origins of its present plight.

In 1916, the House of Lords heard that sons and daughters of Lewis crofters get a secondary education at the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway and go out into the world to become teachers, doctors, lawyers and ministers

Brian Wilson: Did Scotland’s golden age of education exist?

Lewis was seen as a metaphor for Scotland’s ‘best education system in the world’ as the island produced exceptional results. But did such a golden age ever really exist, asks Brian Wilson

Centricas chief executive Iain Conn inadvertantly walked into a media minefield when he gave a briefing. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Brian Wilson: The unvarnished truth is more revealing than PR

I spoke to a roomful of media students recently and asked them what they wanted to do after graduating. For a true believer in the importance of the printed word, the response was not encouraging.

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