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Smart meters are designed to tell people how much energy they are consuming

Bill Jamieson: ‘Smart meter’ is an Orwellian misnomer

“Smart Meters”: if ever there was a fine example of Orwellian misnomer, this is it. As if the many reports of problems with the government’s £11 billion national rollout scheme were not enough, now comes research showing that more than two million smart meters are not working.

Preparing for drug shortages has given a spurious boost to the pharmaceutical industry

Bill Jamieson: GDP rebound won’t let the good times roll

Happy days are here again – or so the latest figures for UK GDP would appear to show. The economy looks to have picked up in the first three months of the year, with the growth rate rising to 0.5 per cent between January and March, up from 0.2 per cent in the previous quarter.

Financial statistics don't bear out the present sense of crisis. Picture: Isabel Infantes/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Small voice drowned out by high stakes drama

Now here is a mystery. Amid the parliamentary shambles of Brexit last week, there came a near apoplectic warning from two of Britain’s biggest business organisations on the colossal damage that continuing division and uncertainty is inflicting on business confidence and investment.

The unemployment rate is lower in Scotland than in England. Picture: John Devlin

Bill Jamieson: Every statistic has a silver lining

What is it that we have to fear? Employment, wages, retail sales, GDP growth and prospects for the next 12 months: such concerns are the stuff of economics. And on these, government forecasters and pundits alike should be able to elucidate and explain.

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