Line of Duty series finale review: ‘Pulverising and draining’

I interrogated Adrian Dunbar once. Well, when I say interrogated I mean that 20 years ago I bought him a mineral water in a boho part of London and interviewed him. But I did extract the confession that he’d had a terrible time with the bevvy and no longer drank. Actually that’s not quite true either. He gave up this info willingly, big, bluff Irish charmer that he is.

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‘Press’ Review: Juggling titillation and morality in the newsroom

The real-life journalist probably feared the worst about Press. The bona fide truthseeker may have muttered quietly to himself: “Crikey, you’re putting us on telly at the end of a week which began with Vanity Fair, or as it’s been dubbed, Vanity Phwoar. Which continued with Wanderlust, TV’s ‘raunchiest-ever drama’. Which saw confirmation of Bodyguard as the most popular series for a decade and that’s pretty bonktastic, too. Who’s going to care about a bunch of snottery hacks by Thursday night?”

Esteban Cambiasso scores against Serbia & Montenegro at the end of a 25-pass move in 2006. Photograph: Marcelo Endelli/Getty

‘Let’s hope brilliance wins World Cup, rather than least knackered’

So, Lionel Messi, what kind of season did you have for your club… you’re not too tired for the World Cup, I hope? Let’s see: in 
2017-18 you became the first player to score 350 La Liga goals. You notched your 100th goal in Euro competition, quickly followed by your 100th in the Champions League. You achieved 600 appearances for Barcelona. You broke Gerd Muller’s record for the most goals with one club. You followed that with your 600th Barca goal. You matched Ronaldinho’s record for the most Barca strikes direct from free-kicks in a single campaign. You finally made Gianluigi Buffon fish the ball out of the net, scoring against him for the first time.

Primed to explode: Like the fabled Python diner, football may finally have outgrown its own appetite.  Photograph: REX

‘This mini-World Cup is a wafer-thin mint. Football is bound to explode’

Wafer-thin mint? That’s the cue for one of the most disgusting scenes in the movies. It comes in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life when a very, very fat man, who has just made himself twice as big by eating an entire restaurant, is approached one more time by the waiter. “Waffer-theen meent?” is the offer, the joint being French, and at first the diner refuses. “I could not eat another thing,” he groans, “I’m stuffed.” But he’s so greedy he gobbles the meent down and, well, you know the rest.

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