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Lesley Riddoch: Will Scotland finally discover Dundee?

Despite the attraction of the V&A, there is a mental block to be worked round when it comes to venturing north of the River Tay says Lesley Riddoch

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Lesley Riddoch: Is Nicola Sturgeon the superwoman who can stop Brexit?

Nicola Sturgeon should resist the growing calls for her to back a second referendum on Europe, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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The Trump administration has been rocked by a series of allegations made in an explosive new behind-the-scenes book on life in the White House

Lesley Riddoch: Could Donald Trump be on his way out?

The most damaging claims in Fire and Fury concern Trump’s behaviour – and it could cost him his job, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Lesley Riddoch: Let’s remember how good Scotland’s NHS actually is

Lesley Riddoch: Let’s remember how good Scotland’s NHS actually is

Some New Year’s resolutions have doubtless been discarded already – but here’s one we should try to keep in 2018.

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Govan Dry Docks, Glasgow.

Lesley Riddoch: Scotland’s vacant shipyards at crucial junction

Jobs-starved locals are battling to save Britain’s biggest dry dock for industrial development, writes Lesley Riddoch

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Finance Secretary Derek Mackay

Lesley Riddoch: Not just the SNP on trial in battleground budget

The Scottish Budget may seem like a relatively low-key affair compared to the mighty issues and surreal politics at work elsewhere.

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Lesley Riddoch: Irish Border conundrum is an epic and perfect storm

FOR good reasons Ireland is not a minor Brexit issue that can be easily swept under the carpet, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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Lesley Riddoch: New Labour leader will need to be bold and brave to succeed

One thing about Kezia Dugdale is indisputable – she has an uncanny sense of timing.

Scotland has a lot in common with the Arctic Circle, in heritage,culture and sometimes the weather

Lesley Riddoch: Options for a North Atlantic Scotland

Hundreds of politicians, activists and civic leaders from Norway, Iceland, the Faroes, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Russia and the wider world will arrive in Edinburgh next week for a special Arctic Circle Forum entitled “Scotland and the new North”.

Donald Trump wont be attending the two-week COP 23 talks  but Arnold Schwarzenegger will be there. Picture: Getty

Lesley Riddoch: Climate change progress possible without Trump

There are grounds for optimism on making climate change progress without Trump, writes Lesley Riddoch


Lesley Riddoch: EU must take initiative on independence movements

Mediation is required to deal with Catalonia crisis, but who will step forward to take that responsibility, asks Lesley Riddoch

A Barcelona citizen shows his colours at a mass rally yesterday against Catalonias declaration of independence. Picture: AP

Lesley Riddoch: EU must take initiative on breakways or reap consequences

Careful and neutral mediation is required to deal with the Catalonia crisis, but who among the member states will step forward to take that responsibility, asks Lesley Riddoch

Boris Johnson and his wife Marina arrive at the General Election count at Brunel University in London.

Lesley Riddoch: UK voting system is broken and discredited

What a tantalising prospect for the beleaguered Theresa May. The latest Boundary Commission proposals could reduce the number of constituencies from 650 to 600 and kill a small flock of troublesome birds with just one stone.

Reservoir Dogs (1993) Picture: Live Entertainment / The Kobal Collection

Lesley Riddoch: Brexit crisis more calamitous than most imagine

The Brexit crisis is deeper and more calamitous than most imagine. We must change course now, writes Lesley Riddoch

Independence might not be on the agenda at the SNP conference, but delegates have welcomed references to it.

Lesley Riddoch: Sceptics’ flawed search for Peak SNP

The Scottish media is choosing to turn a blind eye to the fact that the governing party is still by far the most popular in Scotland, says Lesley Riddoch

The self-conscious and self-absorbed BBC is hilariously portrayed in W1A, which, of course, is a BBC sitcom. Picture: BBC

Lesley Riddoch: BBC is not bold or diverse enough

As Beeb falls over itself to be ‘neutral’, its reporters are failing to ask the tough questions viewers expect, writes Lesley Riddoch

Research suggests workers who stand on the job are twice as likely to have heart disease than workers who sit

Lesley Riddoch: Back-breaking work has returned to Britain

The staff at your favourite cafe might be smiling through gritted teeth after an agonising shift, writes Lesley Riddoch.

Lib Dem Party leader Vince Cable. Picture: SWNS

Lesley Riddoch: Lib Dems may have something to offer after all

The Lib Dems are tainted by coalition but they may have something to offer after all, reckons Lesley Riddoch

Prime MInister Tony Blair in Parliament Square, Edinburgh, the morning after the referendum on Scottish devolution which was a decisive Yes Yes

Lesley Riddoch: Blair’s immigration plan is far from liberal

The ex-prime minister’s intervention shows how the immigration debate has become poisoned, writes Lesley Riddoch

Livingston under construction, 1964. The creation of New Towns was opposed by the Tories after the war.

Lesley Riddoch: New Towns can’t solve Scotland’s housing problems

It’s crazy to think our housing needs can only be delivered in large dormitory-like estates, says Lesley Riddoch

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