Six reasons why Brexit Britain can’t trust Donald Trump – Henry McLeish

Delusional nostalgia helped create Brexit. It now looks as if this is shaping our future trade policy, the much hoped-for deal to end all deals with the United States. Not for the first time, the UK looks like a prisoner of its own past, unsure of its role in the world and, in what looks like a continuing act of national self-harm, it is abandoning the security, stability and prosperity of the second largest economy in the world. For what?

Donald Trump has held a series of rallies in support of Republican candidates in the US midterms (Picture: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Midterms: Voters should heed words of past presidents – Henry McLeish

America goes to the polls in the midterm elections today after a nightmare week in which the President has unleashed, even by his own standards, a visceral assault on the qualities of respect, tolerance and justice that are necessary to support a reasonable level of civility and informed political discourse in any modern country. This has been an ugly week for America.

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