Major delays on the M9 as car engulfed in flames

There are lengthy queues on the M9 after a white saloon car caught fire on a stretch of the motorway near the Kelpies statues around 7.30am today

Dr James Barry was a skilled surgeon with a huge secret (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The woman who posed as a man to study medicine at Edinburgh University

James Barry was something of a reluctant feminist pioneer, helping to break through the glass ceiling for women in the 19th century.

But his accomplishment of being the first female doctor in Britain would not to be known publicly for 100 years after his death.

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Jamie Fraser ' played by Sam Heughan ' in Outlander, which was filmed at several locations in Scotland. Picture: Starz/Sony Pictures and TSPL

10 Outlander film locations you can visit in Scotland

Outlander – the story of a time travelling nurse who was transported back to Scotland in the 1740s – has captured the imagination of millions around the globe, helping to turn it into a worldwide phenomenon.

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Glasgow was at the forefront of the American Civil War.

How Glasgow found itself at the centre of American Civil War

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln spoke of “a new birth of freedom”.


The real Edinburgh doctor who inspired Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes may reside on London’s Baker Street – but Edinburgh, Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthplace, played an important part in the detective’s creation.

Taking medication for mental health issues should be stigma-free.

David Walsh: Not wrong to take pills for depression – some need them

Attacking the rising use of antidepressants in the NHS is an easy target. But the reality is complex, writes David Walsh

Long before Markus Zusak's character, Liesel Meminger, there was another infamous book thief operating in Edinburgh. Picture: PA

The real Edinburgh reverend who stole literature centuries before The Book Thief

There could be very little common ground between a fictional 12 year old girl in war-torn Nazi Germany and a real 19th century Scottish man of the cloth – besides a mutual appreciation for stealing books, that is.

There are plenty of nearby restaurants outside Edinburgh just waiting to be discovered. Picture: Ducks Inn/Facebook

10 restaurants worth leaving Edinburgh for

With four Michelin-starred restaurants to its name (the most in any UK city outside of London) and new eateries opening every week, Edinburgh is bursting at the seams with quality dining options.

From every vantage point, Uluru dominates the skyline. Picture: David Walsh

Travel: Uluru and Alice Springs, Australia

Beneath awe-inspiring Uluru, it’s a privilege to be guided around the primeval surroundings by the holy rock’s namesake, writes David Walsh

Auschwitz-Birkenau attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year. Picture: Getty Images

David Walsh: Why ‘dark tourism’ is essential

‘Dark tourism’ is imperative to make sure we never forget man’s inhumanity to man, writes David Walsh

Scotsman journalists work on the paper at North Bridge in September 1966. Impartial journalism is more important than ever before, writes David Walsh. Picture: TSPL

David Walsh: Impartial journalism more important than ever

Journalism’s reputation has taken a battering in recent times - but it’s time fences were mended, writes David Walsh

Men can sometimes feel a bit estranged from a woman's pregnancy. Picture: PA

David Walsh: The trauma of antenatal classes for dads

‘Are you OK, darling?” In the timbre of a whisper, it felt like my wife had shouted at me from across the room. I was inextricably engrossed in the scene before me, my face obviously betraying my horror at what was unfolding in front of us and the rest of the assembled group of expectant parents.

People gathered for a vigil in Manchester's Albert Square on Tuesday evening. Picture: PA

David Walsh: A love letter to Manchester

The humanity shown in adversity by his fellow Mancunians offers a way forward for a world confronted with terror, writes David Walsh

Theresa May doesn't seem to happy in the impromptu and potentially damaging world of live TV debates. Picture: PA

David Walsh: May knows debate gaffe could see lead unravel

A crisis of self-doubt means the Prime Minister has everything to lose in this high stakes election, writes David Walsh

Young father holding his newborn baby son in his arms. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

David Walsh: Men have to step up to paternity leave

When it comes to men and parental leave, change is a long time coming, writes David Walsh

Buchanan Street in Glasgow is named after Andrew Buchanan, a merchant who owned two slave plantations. Picture: John Devlin

David Walsh: Confronting our unwanted history

Rededicating streets which mark Scotland’s links to the slave trade fails to deal properly with the past says David Walsh

The Keizersgracht at night. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Travel: Reflections on vice and virtue in Amsterdam

David Walsh gets on his bike and explores a vibrant city that never ceases to surprise or inspire

Demonstrators during a protest in Glasgow against US President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban on refugees. Picture: PA

Donald Trump protests: 7 of the best banners

Thousands took to the streets of Scotland’s cities to protest Donald Trump’s executive order halting the US’ refugee programme and the entry of nationals from seven majority-Muslim countries.

Prominent figures have spoken out about their experiences with mental health issues, helping to tackle the stigma, but there are still many who fight a private battle with depression.

David Walsh: Ending taboo is vital to win battle with depression

As he describes his personal experience for the first time, David Walsh urges more honest talking about mental illness

Edinburgh is the only UK airport considered in this round of Preclearance expansion. Picture: Toby Williams

Edinburgh Airport earmarked for US Preclearance expansion

Travellers departing Scotland could soon get to avoid the long queues at the US customs thanks to fast track checks at Edinburgh Airport.

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