Darren McGarvey

Steve Bannon listens to a speech by Donald Trump in the White House, beneath a portrait of Abraham Lincoln (Picture: Mark Wilson/Getty)

Darren McGarvey: Why alt-right guru Steve Bannon is so successful

Right-wing populist Steve Bannon is growing in influence – as others like Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones fall by the wayside and social-democratic systems managers stumble from one mistake to another – partly because his working-class roots give him a distinct advantage, writes Darren McGarvey.

Porn was once largely restricted to magazines and sex shops but is now easily available online (Picture: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Darren McGarvey: Porn moulded me into a sexually selfish man

I recently stumbled across an article published in Time magazine that claimed “married people who start watching porn are twice as likely to be divorced in the following years as those who don’t”. The headline really jumped out the newsfeed at me for two reasons: I watch porn and I’m getting married in just over a year.

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