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The 10 best January transfer window signings Hearts have ever made

Hearts have had two January windows that will be remembered for a long time, though not particularly for the right reasons. However, while their hit-to-miss ratio wasn’t particularly good in those seasons, the Tynecastle club have unearthed more than a few gems in the month since the window was introduced.


The 10 best January transfer window signings Hibs have ever made

It’s very easy to get things wrong in the January transfer window and there have been numerous examples at Easter Road throughout the years to back up that point. However, as this collection of players will show, it’s also possible to sign some real talent to make either an immediate or lasting impact.


Where are they now? The 8 Hibs signings during the 2012 January window

Hibs fans don’t have happy memories of this January splurge. Manager Pat Fenlon was looking to reinvent his team and boost the club’s form after taking over from Colin Calderwood. Though he did that to an extent, this group will forever be associated with the team that lost the 2012 Scottish Cup final to rivals Hearts, with the number of loan deals pointed to as a reason for Hibs’ lack of fight.


Where are they now? A selection of 9 January signings made by Hearts

There have been two spectacularly excessive January recruitment drives by Hearts. Oddly, both took place in seasons where the club was performing relatively well on the park before the window opened. One occurred back in 2006 - which we’ve previously covered on The Scotsman and Evening News - and the other took place just 24 months ago.

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