Catherine Calderwood

The flu vaccine can be delivered in a nasal spray, rather than requiring an injection

Don’t believe urban myth about flu vaccine, it could save your life – Dr Catherine Calderwood

As winter approaches and the cold, dark nights set in, the dreaded ‘flu’ virus also begins to circulate amongst us. If you have been unfortunate enough to catch it before, you will be well aware that the flu is much worse than a bad cold. It can in fact be life-threatening and can spread very easily, resulting in thousands of people ending up in hospital each year, writes Dr Catherine Calderwood.


Here’s proof that altruism really does exist – Dr Catherine Calderwood

Could you give one of your organs to a stranger? When it comes to donating one of your kidneys, we can all understand the desire to help your child, partner, sibling or best friend in need. Perhaps more difficult to envisage is donating one of your kidneys to a complete stranger, someone you will never meet nor know for sure how much their life was changed by your gift.

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