Brian Monteith

French President Emmanuel Macron is aiming to secure as much access to the UK's fishing waters as possible. Picture: AP

Brian Monteith: We don’t need an EU deal – why are we bothering?

I’m currently lying down in a dark room with a cool damp flannel over my forehead. I am suddenly all overcome with dizziness and sweats. Without time to see my doctor I have self-diagnosed using Google and Wikipedia that I am suffering a complete loss of nerve after agreeing with Prime ­Minister Theresa May.

Philip Hammond could have billions to spend, says Brian Monteith. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Brian Monteith: Tax cuts, more cash - it’s looking good for Brexit

If you think that was the ­Chancellor’s last Budget speech for this Parliamentary ­session then think again. Despite Spreadscare Phil telling us last year he was reducing what were ­effectively two budget announcements a year to one Budget in the ­autumn and a financial statement in the spring, there’s a very strong likelihood that there will now be another Budget next April.

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Gisela Stuart, who chaired the Vote Leave campaign, does not fit the Brexiteer stereotype. Picture: Getty

Brian Montieth: Plan A+ gets a gold star from me

On Monday I took a day trip to London to attend a press conference about a new plan to deal with Brexit. About a third of the media you usually see on your telly were there. The other two-thirds of the media were in Liverpool for the Labour Party conference, naturally.

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The indepence referendum result four years ago has not brought an end to the campaigning ' as the weekend's Hope Over Fear rally demonstrated. Picture: John Devlin

Brian Monteith: Why independence and Brexit are not the same

As I write this week’s column it is four years since the independence referendum took place, but there are times when it feels like the campaigning has never stopped. The demands for a rerun have seen to that, as have the two general elections and the Scottish elections that have given us earache in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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Tory research shows the NHS in Scotland spent �248m on locum doctors and nurses last year. Picture: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Brian Monteith: NHS in dire need of intensive care

We know our once enviable education system is at breaking point with falling numeracy and literacy, a need for more schools and growing teacher unemployment – but, like buses, problems never come alone and now we are learning just how bad the NHS is getting under the SNP government.

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