Brian Monteith

Here’s how Boris Johnson could save the Tory Party - Brian Monteith

Few would have thought Rory McIlroy would miss the cut at Royal Portrush of all places, but surprises can come where they are least expected. So it is possible that while Boris Johnson can be expected to become our next prime minister, he could yet – surprisingly – deliver a Brexit by 31st October when all his opponents in other parties and critics in his own say it is not possible.

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Michael Gove will have his chance to lead, says Brian Monteith

Brian Monteith: Changing PM settles nothing unless we leave the EU

Are we there yet? It is a question we have all heard, parents or not. Have we left the European Union – as promised? Has the Prime Minister fallen or been pushed on her sword by her cabinet colleagues? All the while the clock keeps ticking – but whose clock? Ours in Greenwich or the one in Brussels?

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