Bill Jamieson

Bill Jamieson: Scottish Budget 2017: Derek Mackay’s horn of plenty

Twenty minutes into Derek Mackay’s budget and I was beginning to think he had smuggled in an inexhaustible horn of plenty.

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Madame Tussauds imagines Boris Johnson and Theresa May in a Christmas jumper made for two. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: Growing public distrust of politicians is dangerous

Project Fear is a tactic that has undermined politicians’ credibility among the public, writes Bill Jamieson.

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Saltire flag

Bill Jamieson: Investors put trust in Scotland’s canniness

What’s in an investment name? One of the daunting challenges for retail investors is trying to discern from the lists of hundreds of funds and investment trusts what on earth the names stand for and what the fund does.

The internet is changing the high street, but may not kill it. (Picture: Michael Gillen)

Bill Jamieson: Reports of the High Street’s death are exaggerated

Shops are closing as the internet takes over but a different kind of high street will emerge, writes Bill Jamieson.

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Bill Jamieson: Woodford warning of doom – yet fully invested

When Britain’s best-known investment manager warns that stock markets are in bubble territory it’s time to pay attention – if you’re not already sitting up and taking notice after similar warnings in recent months.

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Theresa May has cut a lonely figure at times during negotiations with the other EU states (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Bill Jamieson: The UK is being out-played by Brussels over Brexit

There is little sign of progress towards achieving the purported benefits of Brexit, writes Bill Jamieson.

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Bill Jamieson imagines a time when Britain will look completely different - in just 16 months' time (Picture: Getty)

Bill Jamieson: I bring a warning from the Ghost of Brexit-Yet-to-Come

From The Scotsman, Saturday, 30 March, 2019: This morning the country has awoken on the edge of a precipice. Can the rioting be stopped? Will the siege of parliament continue? Where is the UK headed now?

Chancellor Philip Hammond has choices to make ahead of his Autumn Statement. Picture: AFP/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Why the Chancellor should boldly do nothing

Philip Hammond should fill his ears with wax to avoid numerous pleas for a spending spree, writes Bill Jamieson.

A modified one way road sign indicating Proceed with Caution

Bill Jamieson: When ‘cautious’ funds come into their own

Cautious funds have powerful allure, but their very nature can often make them too hesitant, writes Bill Jamieson.

The Cayman Islands flies proudly but is it a tax haven and is that wrong?

Bill Jamieson: is it so bad to avoid tax within the law?

The reporting of the so-called Paradise Papers suggests tax avoidance is morally wrong but is it really so bad to limit how much you pay within the law?

Prime Minister Theresa May listens as Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom responds to an urgent question. Photo: PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: Sex tsars won’t help our MPs, here’s what’s needed instead

The sexual harassment scandal risks lumping the most minor ‘inappropriate’ behaviour in with rape, writes Bill Jamieson.


Bill Jamieson: Scottish economy shows signs of hope amid Brexit

Amid the doom and gloom, there are signs of hope in the Scottish economy, says Bill Jamieson.


Bill Jamieson: Are plans for Universal Income delusional?

The Citizens’ Income will cost £12.3bn and require huge tax hikes – so why is it even being proposed, asks Bill Jamieson.


Bill Jamieson: A new market peak – but where’s the euphoria?

Doubts and worries are abound despite the performance of shares, writes Bill Jamieson.

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The launch of the eurosceptic Vote Leave campaign at the group's headquarters in central London. Picture:  STEFAN ROUSSEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Bill Jamieson: Please – a rest from referendums

Few developments in modern politics have been as seductive – and their outcomes more problematic – than the cry for referendums. Their appeal is popular and their outcomes surely compelling. Who would not wish for some divisive issue to be resolved by giving the people a vote through a national referendum?

Jeremy Corbyns hard-Left Labour leads the Tories in the polls  and by the nose when it comes to policies. Picture: PA

Bill Jamieson: We should give thanks for capitalism

To misquote Churchill, capitalism is the worst form of economic system, except for all the others, writes Bill Jamieson

Picture:  Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Bill Jamieson: The perils of sticking with passive investment

Should private investors stick with a favoured list of fund managers? After the turbulence and traumas that have hit the highly regarded Neil Woodford this year, loyal following can come at a price. Fashions change. Strategies can become outdated. And rare is the fund manager who remains consistently among the top performers decade after decade.

No crystal balls are required at the Scottish Fiscal Commissions new forecasting unit.

Bill Jamieson: Economic forecasters should proceed with caution

A body has been set up to produce independent projections of Scotland’s economic prospects. Good luck, says Bill Jamieson

Planning decisions provoke violent and unpredictable responses. Photograph: Kobal/Rex

Bill Jamieson: The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s talking shop

MCLEISH’S mission to make the planning system inclusive and collaborative threatens to render it more labyrinthine than ever, writes Bill Jamieson

Scots helped to develop tea estates in Assam, northern India, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon as was).

Bill Jamieson: Let’s hear it for our Scots tea heroes

Holyrood questions over the sale of English tea ahead of a Scottish brand are on to something, says Bill Jamieson

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