Bill Jamieson

Mark Carney's advice was treated as a contrary indicator by wags. Picture: Kirsty Wigglesworth/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Mark Carney’s parting shot on interest rates

Departing Bank of England governor Mark Carney isn’t set on going quietly. Just when it seemed he might be warning that a “Boris bounce” in business confidence might spark a rise in interest rates, he says the central bank could cut interest rates if weakness in the economy persisted.

Labour's John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn vow to compensate Waspi pensioners. Picture: Anthony Devlin/Getty

Bill Jamieson: We may have reached ‘peak promise’ in the elections

By any conventional measure of voter behaviour, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour should be romping home to victory in this election. Manifesto commitments to spend massive extra amounts on the NHS, infrastructure projects, schools and social care together with pay rises for low earners have offered a historic financial uplift for almost every household and constituency of voters.

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