Aidan Smith

Aidan Smith: Deontay Wilder can dress it up any way he likes - he lost

It must go down as one of sport’s all-time-worst excuses for a defeat. After Deontay Wilder lost to Tyson Fury he said: “My management told me Saturday was the final of The Masked Singer so that’s why I was dressed up like a medieval warlord with the flashing helmet an’ all. Turns out the final was the previous Saturday! Someone’s gonna pay for this …”

Greg Stewart is one of many players who have become lost on a well-trod path at Ibrox. Picture: SNS.

Forgotten four lose way in search for the Old Firm’s fairytale slipper

You’re choosing an SPFL select with this one stipulation: avoid the Old Firm. No problem, you say, there are good guys playing regularly and playing well right across the division. A couple of seasons ago, the front four might have looked like this…Jake Hastie (Motherwell), Brandon Barker (Hibernian), Jordan Jones and Greg Stewart (both 

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