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Coleen Rooney, AKA WAGatha Christie, last week had an almighty falling out on social media with Rebekah Vardy.

Aidan Smith: ‘Coleen, Posh and their Wag pals seduced me in Baden-Baden’

There’s a piece of old footage in glorious monochrome which will never gather dust because it’s pretty much always in use. Programme-makers in TV sports departments invariably reach for the clip because it perfectly illustrates how much footballers have changed, how much footballers’ downtime has changed, how much the image of the footballers’ wives has changed.

Gabby Logan's commentary caused an unjustified outburst by president of the IAAF Lord Coe . Picture: BBC/Julia Fullerton-Batten

Why Lord Coe is wrong to criticise the BBC’s Gabby Logan

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Gary Lineker, having told the Sports Editor that if I do it three times in a calendar year I’ll come to work dressed just in my pants. And by the way, they’ll be proper briefs, not the ones he wore on Match of the Day when Leicester City won the Premier League which were more like football shorts. In fact, I’m so confident that the thoughts of the potato-based snack-promoting smarmer won’t chime with mine on Brexit or very much else that if by some fluke they do I’ll go mankini.

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Ian Smith in full flight for Scotland against New South Wales in Australia. Picture: BirlinnLimited.

Interview: Ian Smith, Scotland’s ‘cherubic’ full-back, on defeating the Springboks amid apartheid protests

Apologies if this puts you off your breakfast but Ian Smith being divested of the contents of his stomach is kind of crucial to the plot. It tells you he played in a different era for rugby when there was more time for fun. It illustrates how he wasn’t the most self-possessed fellow to ever pull on a dark blue jersey, probably on account of some observers thinking he was slow and fat and who felt compelled to ask: “Ian who?” But it also confirms how hard he chased his dream.

Rugby Union
Air-condition vents will be used to blow cold air at Qatar's new al-Janoub Stadium in Doha. Picture: Giuseppe Cacace/AFP

Does LGBT in Scotland stand for Lose Gubbed Beaten Thrashed?

On Twitter the other day one of those 1970s nostalgia sites put up the bar tariff from a discotheque of the period. A pint of lager cost 20p, the same as a snowball. Whisky, vodka and rum were priced at 18p while Babycham and Cherry B were cheapest on the list at 15p. Six of either and you’d have enough change from a pound for the bus fare home. Top night!

Derek White drives forward during the 1991 World Cup quarter-final win over Western Samoa at Murrayfield. Picture: SNS

Interview: Grand Slam hero Derek White on Jim Telfer - ‘These days you’d call it bullying’

It was Scotland vs Ireland in a different age – back when we used to thump them regularly, rather than they us – and the lolloping lofty pine of the Dark Blue back row had undergone one of those extended spells of soulful introspection which were typical of him and he’d arrived at a decision. “I’d had enough,” recalls Derek White, “and I told JJ that after the game I’d be jacking it in.” So what happened? Fellow breakaway man John Jeffrey and the rest of the team got to look on and cheer as the big man crashed over for two tries.

The unpaid effort and commitment put into kids' football is admirable, but lose the Jose Mourinho attitude. Photograph: PA Images

Aidan Smith: Why are some youth coaches still behaving like complete and utter bampots?

Help us big man, we said, a phalanx of Scottish pressmen thrusting tiny arms under Romelu Lukaku’s bumfluffed chin. Straining with our microphones we didn’t think much of his beard but we were in awe of his football and that of his countrymen. In the bowels of Hampden, in the mixed zone, Lukaku loomed over us like Belgium had just loomed over our brave boys in dark blue, trouncing them by four to nil.

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