‘Scotland’s a democracy. If VAR can’t be installed at Montrose, ditch it’

To Celtic’s Ryan Christie falls the honour of being the first from a Scottish team to be fingered by VAR. We’ve watched English sides and players be done by their armpits, their big toes and the hair of their chinny chin chins. We’ve seen referees down south wimp out of decisions and refer them to a truck full of TV monitors in an industrial estate in west London. This isn’t VAR, it’s VAN. It’s football officialdom abrogating responsibility. It’s the whistlers saying: “Bring on AI, robots, driverless cars and a music streaming service choosing Coldplay and Mumford & Sons on repeat until the end of time.”

Billy Connolly says there is no such thing as Scottish humour, yet some of his best jokes could not have come from anywhere else in the world. Picture: John Devlin

Scots humour does exist and here’s the proof – Aidan Smith

So the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is over for another year and a couple of hundred manic-depressive stand-ups have packed away their joke books with their pill bottles. The quality of the gags seemed well up to standard and I liked this one: “Do you reckon the band Chic ever found any takers for that free cow they were always trying to get rid of?”

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Picture:  BBC America/Sid Gentle - Photographer: Parisa Taghizadeh

Spoiler alert – it’s all about Eve as TV thriller returns

This thriller is so pulverising it wouldn’t even let up on the shocks between runs. All that acclaim thrust Jodie Comer onto the chat-show circuit where, out of character, she spoke pure Scouse. Her accent sliced through the more familiar actory tones – in a profession that’s supposed to be quite public-school these days – like a knife would one of her victims.

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Line of Duty, series five, has come to an end. Picture: World Productions

Line of Duty series finale review: ‘Pulverising and draining’

I interrogated Adrian Dunbar once. Well, when I say interrogated I mean that 20 years ago I bought him a mineral water in a boho part of London and interviewed him. But I did extract the confession that he’d had a terrible time with the bevvy and no longer drank. Actually that’s not quite true either. He gave up this info willingly, big, bluff Irish charmer that he is.

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